d Hotel, Seri Iskandar, Perak Review

OMGG I cannot believe I'm writing another Hotel Review!! I'm just super lucky! 

So, last month I was invited to this hotel in Seri Iskandar, Perak named d Hotel. It's Seri Iskandar's biggest and most premium hotel!!

Fun fact: this dHotel is the little brother of the great Coral Bay Resort in Pangkor! hehe. 

Family vacation timeeeee!


About 30 minutes away from Ipoh, 15 minutes away from Batu Gajah (where the famous Kellie's Castle is), 15minutes from UTP (Universiti Teknologi Petronas), and 30minutes to Lumut, It's quite a strategic location if you want to go for a vacation in Perak! A lot of places you can cover to visit!

d Hotel is the new top-choice accommodation and event venue in Bandar Seri Iskandar. Its prime location in between Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) and Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Perak Kampus also makes it the most convenient hotel for visiting parents, professors, students and associates. Convocation season is when it's confirmed fully booked!

This hotel is also attached to a mall called D Mall beside it! very convenient with lots of shops, supermarket, cinema and also a bowling center! 

You can even see the mall from inside the hotel hehe.

This location is also considered as the heart of SIBC (Seri Iskandar Business Center) Mall which is same as Nilai 3 which is famous for shopping!

Side note: Calling for car rally fansss! There is an annual car racing conducted here called Malaysian Rally Championship (MCR). dHotel is the official hotel and the secretariat of the rally. The starting and the finishing line is at d Hotel parking space!

Staff Service rating

They are all so friendly and helpful. And I would like to give extra credit to the parking boy. He's very alert and fast!


d Hotel has an Executive Suite for you and your family to have an extra comforting and lavish stay!! 

Suitable for a family of 4-5pax, it has 2 bedrooms, a living room, dining area equipped with TV, fridge, water heater! Almost like your own home! hehe. 

Interior design rating

I especially like the design at the bed's head board! Verrryyy nice!

Cleanliness rating

Very clean!

Comfort rating

Especially the bed! very comfortable!

Amenities rating

Another room is get to see is the Duluxe Room

Complimentary In-room wireless internet access speed


Swimming pool

d Hotel also has a swimming pool just next to its restaurant slash coffee house. The size of the pool is relatively small but hey you cannot complain when it's the only swimming pool in the area!! it's open to public too! but outsiders have to pay la of course. 


The hotel parking shared with the mall parking. So it's a little bit inconvenient especially if the mall is packed with people but it's FREEEEEE!!


There is no iron provided in the room except for the executive suites. They put 1 in each floor to be shared. Better than nothing! Who can live with crumpled clothes on haha, at least I can not. :P

Instagram spot!!

If you're wondering what is an Instagram spot, it's my definition of a spot which photos there are so Instagram worthy! hahaha. Basically it is like a garden beautifully designed in the middle of the hotel, between the two hotel buildings. I really think it's worth mentioning here because it's very beautiful! Even if you are not that Instagrammers who always find "the spot", it's a really beautiful place to go to just chill out and breathe heee

Banquet Hall 

"Iskandar Hall" is the name of d Hotel's great hall; quite a grandeur type!Dimension is 8400sqft. It can accommodate up to 800pax in theater arrangement! For banquet arrangement, can fit for up to 600pax. This hall is equipped with various facilities and equipment. you name it! hehe. 

Seminar Rooms

There are also smaller hall slash seminar rooms for smaller groups between 50-100 people. Total are 6 of them! All fully equipped. When I was there, the rooms are all fully booked for seminars. (Y)

Anyone who is interested to hold events, seminars or meetings, here's the packages that d Hotel has to offer. 

Breakfast Buffet

I like to mention about hotel breakfast buffet in my hotel review. It's the most anticipated part of my hotel stay! hehe. I'm just a true food lover. I really appreciate hotel who care about the breakfast buffet even though it is provided, freely included in our hotel stay. 

The breakfast buffet is provided in dHotel's Restaurant called Jintan Putih; a very simple and nice restaurant. They don't just provide buffet breakfast, also, they are open for your regular lunch and dinner time with very very affordable price!

Located on the 4th Floor next to the swimming pool, Jintan Putih offers a wide array of cuisines and dining options. It’s expansive dining floor is able to seat 170 guests at a time making it suitable for a variety of events and functions. The kitchen can easily cater to the needs of guests utilizing Iskandar Ballroom located on the same level..

Food variety 

Food taste

For more information, contact:

D Hotel Seri Iskandar

526, Lebuh SIBC, Bandar Seri Iskandar,
32610 Bota, Perak, Malaysia.

Tel: +605 374 8888
Fax : +605 371 2922
Website : www.dhotel.my

Thanks for reading!!
Until then!

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