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You can never go wrong with black&white. There's no such thing as over-dressed or under-dressed with them!

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Upside Down House Gallery (Place to visit in Melaka + Tips)

Not gonna lie, when I first heard that Melaka has this upside down house, I was super excited about it! However I didn't manage to go there because of work and stuff until last week. huhu.

  1. Location: Jalan Pm 7, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia

Basically, in case you don;t know what is this upside down house gallery, it is a gallery in which everything inside is arranged upside down i.e stucked to the ceiling. They are so cool!! they're all so pretty and arranged very nicely like a normal house. even the smallest details is taken care very well!!

this is one of the partition in there. so when you take pictures, you will have to rotate them yourself

they look just like the ordinary room!

If you're Malaysian, the admission fee is RM15 for adults and RM10 for children while if you're not, it's RM20 for adults and RM15 for children which is to be honest, I'd say it is slightly overpriced (I'm stingy like that haha) because the place is quite small. It is about two-rooms size with only 4 major partition.

Therefore, there're a few points that can be considered as tips (more like common senses that you need to bear in mind) before you go and while you're there so that your RM15 is worth it.

  1. if it's possible, avoid peak times since the place is small and  it tends to overcrowd. my family and I went there last Saturday it was kinda hard to capture without anyone else interfering our photos haha.

  2. do not wear something like skirts that can limit your poses haha. Here, you are required to pose differently than the usual trademark poses. That don't work here :P. Besides, skirts make photos look not realistic enough >_<

    poor nadh, she's wearing skirts during our ad-hoc visit hehe :P

  3. don't be shy. people are going to look at you anyway. First, because they are waiting for their turn and  second, because they want to get inspired by your poses haha. After all, everyone is there to take photos.

    my sister, baby was literally lying on the floor to get these fascinating photo haha

  4. take as many photos as you can. turn on the shutter mode on. because many people will be waiting for you, use that short time efficiently to take as many photos. we just couldn't afford the 'tak jadi' photos T_T

  5. be creative! they have sample of photos of other people on the wall that you can get inspired with!

  6. make use of every details of the room



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All About Double Cleanse (5W1H)

Assalamualaikum everyoneee! Hello!

Happy Sundayyy! Today, I feel like a mum who are going to nag on those who don't double cleanse hahaha.

I am no beauty expert but I have been to beauty centers since I was 15 so I'm quite familiar with this 'double cleanse' term and I have been practicing it since then. No, I don't have the most flawless skin but I know for sure that if I didn't start doing this back in the days, my skin is a lot worse than it is now haha.

I used to think that everybody does this until I came across people who don't! Hence this post. to me, double cleanse is very important.

Even if you are not a makeup wearer aka the so-called "au naturel", your skin is constantly produces the sebum on the surface and it attracts atmospheric pollutants and dirt like a magnet! You think you face is clean because you don't have any makeup on?? Think again.

On daily basis, we need to cleanse face twice:
  • a light cleansing in the morning and
  • a more thorough double-cleanse in the evening. 

If you sleep with no-so-clean skin, you're gonna get breakouts! Wonder why pimples disturb you even not during that time of the month?? This is the reason.

Googled Image.

The name double cleanse itself is self-explanatory. It includes these 2 steps:

1) using oil based cleanser. These cleansers are available as oils, creams, gels, or milks. My favourite is this Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid (click here to read my review) . It is used to dissolve all the oil-based substances such as excess sebum and makeup. oil attracts oil, you know.. that's how you can remove those oil. Massage it all over your dry face, then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

2) using facial soap or wash. This time, it's to purify the skin, washes away other water-based substances; thoroughly clean your face. This type of cleanser is usually more foam-y (that's how you can easily differ it with an oil based cleanser).

Stress and hormones are the two major reasons why we get acne/pimples. We don't want our personal hygiene to add to the contributing factors! Start double cleanse now if you don't. It is definitely the essential step for beautiful skin!

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Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid Review

If you love putting on makeup, you gotta love to remove them too! You must take care of your skin! Skin comes first, makeup comes second! hehe. 

If you are very very lazy at removing makeup, I have a solution that I would love to recommend to you! (because sometimes I am lazy too! hee).

hands down. this is by far the best makeup remover or cleansing oil I have ever used! 
This is my 2nd bottle (and less than half of the bottle left!) and I'm still loving it to bits!!

If I am to describe how it feels like, it's thinner than oil but much thicker than water but still is oil-like. They call it as water-based liquid.

It is very gentle to the skin and removes EVERYTHING! Even the most stubborn mascara! No more precious eye lashes come off! When I first try this, I thought it will leave my skin oily (maybe at least just a little bit) but I was so wrong! I just rinsed about 3-4 times and it's not oily at all. nada. nothing. the after-rinsing feeling is just like a milk cleanser; soft and smooth and even moisturized!

Just two pumps are enough to clean your entire face (full face makeup).

The liquid will help melt all the makeup in no time and leave the skin without any residue after rinsing. This will not take much time. It takes less time than makeup wipes, I promise!

If you wear heavy dark makeup, you're gonna look like a zombie while massaging the liquid all over the face hehehehe. do not worry. just for a short time! you will then get with a very clean skin! >_<
My tips is to rinse gradually. not all at once. the liquid will turn chalky/milky then it will dissolve all the makeup better.

I always use this to double cleanse.

There are only two things that I don't really like about this product is that (1) It sometimes sting my eyes and (2) It's bitter! haha. sometimes I can taste it while cleaning my lips. >_<. 

Overall rating: EXCELLENT! 4.75/5! Highly recommended.

Unfortunately, they say this product has been discontinued officially last 11th January 2014 when they replaced it by 'Biore Moisture Cleansing Liquid' which is said to be a better product but we can still find this a lot in most drugstores in Malaysia. Nevertheless, I'm so excited to try the new one 'cause I'm expecting a better version of this product!!

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