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I'm back with another skin care topic. This time it's about a facial treatment (as you read the title right). Not an ordinary facial treatment that I usually go once a month - it's an aesthetic facial treatment! It was my first! I never opt for an aesthetic one. It never occurred in my mind. Why? I guess it was because I was scared with the serious sounded so-called aesthetic and I was not really convinced (or maybe had no trust at all haha) with an aesthetic treatment before.I was too scared to jeopardize my face! haha! So let me tell you people my first ever aesthetic facial treatment experience that was performed by One Doc Medical! hehe.

The name of the treatment is One Doc Medical's Signature 4-Step Medical Facial or in short, I would describe it as a laser treatment as it involved lasers! hehe.

Before any info regarding the treatment, I want to briefly show you One Doc Medical outlet that I went in Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara. It's located just beside the KK Mart, same row with Maybank and Public Bank.

I really like the minimalist and clean looking interior!

There have other outlets which are in Puchong, Publika, Penang, and Johor.

Soooo moving on to the Signature 4-step Medical Facial that I did.

Step 1: Hydrofacial:

I came here right after work so I was with my everyday-to-work makeup look hehe. So before they start with this first step, they wipe off the makeup. Then only this hydrofacial starts. This hydrofacial is like the deep intense skin cleaning, I'd say. They use the machine which will feels like  subtle suction after water (explains the hydro part) blows into your pores. It was meant not only evenly exfoliates, removes impurities and dead skin cells on the face but it also replenishes vital nutrients such as Antioxidants, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid that are important to our skin.

The benefits of this step are:
✓ Remove blackhead/ white head
✓ Reduce acne/ oily skin
✓ Reduce pore size
✓ Remove pigment/ uneven skin tone

Step 2: One Doc Signature laser:

Jeng jeng jeng. haha. Here comes the scary laser part! XD. Disclaimer here:  All laser and light therapy are performed by laser consultant and trained therapist. I was scared for nothing! hehe. What they did was they shoot me with the Q-Switched Nd-yag laser for 15 minutes. If you ask me how it felt like, I'd describe it as a mild tingling sensation when you feel electrostatic; with the spark. That's a very precise description I think. I can also smell the burn as it shot my face hair haha. However I assure you it was not painful at all! hehe. It left me with a cleaner and clearer brighter skin at instant! They first did half of my face and show me the difference. It was really showing! I was told that regular treatments will improve skin tone while reduce pigmentations, pimples, pores and induces skin tightening.

Step 3: Omega light therapy 

This is a low level light therapy which is to enhance your skin's natural cellular recovery, reduce acne outbreak, promoting skin rejuvenation and enhances skin repair post-laser treatment. Feel like nothing; no heat feeling, na-da.

Step 4: Serum Infusion

This last step is my favourite step. hehe. I really like ice cold feeling on the face; not just the feeling, also the benefits thay I know it would give me especially that lifting benefit! who wouldn't want a tight lifted young looking face?!! So, this ia a hybrid, antioxidant serum to combat free radical. It is an absorbable, leave-on treatment that improves the appearance of ageing signs as well as texture and clarity. I love the hydration, moisturization it left my skin too! (Y)

This treatment is retailed at RM799 but I would share you this fun promotion! of course! hehe. Grab the first trial for RM499 only to enjoy the complete and refreshing treatment !!!!
PM or call 018 2100886 to book your appointment today!

Thanks for reading!

  1. I also did a laser treatment fews ago and i like it! What is your next treatment at this clinic?

  2. I am somewhat terrified of doing laser on my face.. lol... Especially after hearing some horror stories

  3. i never try laser treatment..but i like to try it since i give more benefit to our skin.. :)

  4. Looks so comfy and relax during the treatment! Nowadays there are so many laser treatment to try and enjoy =)

  5. I haven't tried laser on my face. Is that painful? Planning to try it if it's painless lols.

  6. Looks like a really enjoyable treatment you have! The tingle sensation of the laser on face was real!


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