SENDelivery - The latest on-demand delivery platform

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So by today you should have known or at least heard of the latest delivery slash courier platform called SENDelivery or as I would consider it more like your personal helper! If you haven't, that's a real bummer huuuu. 

Okay, just a brief introduction; SEND is a delivery platform that is an application-based which is now available on iOS and Android! Cool, right?! To ask for your stuff to be sent or to be received is now can be so easily done; just at your fingertips! huuu. 

When I was first told and briefed about SEND, I get very impressed with the idea of delivering everyday goods faster and easier like for example, you left something at a friend's place and both you and your friend are very occupied with work and personal life that you don't even have time to see each other again. So let SEND to get the thing returned to you. Less time travelling on your own! How convenient! Time is money, girl! 

The charge for the delivery by SEND is reasonably cheap and affordable. You get to pick SENDer that bid the lowest charge. Yes, you get to pick the choices of price yourself based on the SENDer. Also, price varies with type of vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars, vans and lorries which can be choose based on your good's size. Then, with SEND's live GPS system, you will be able to monitor the SENDer movement when the job is in progress. how more convenient can it be?!

live tracking!

Oh! so now everybody can be SEND's SENDer, if you have clean record like with the police, interpol, etc etc! I think it's a very good part time job to earn extra income especially if you're a freelancer or a student. Like, whenever there is a delivery request, SEND will notify every SENDer, then if you're free at that time, near the area, just why not? extra moneyyyyy~ hee

Global Ambassador of SEND, Jorge Lorenzo!!!

This delivery platform is a Malaysian product, ftw! founded by a young Malaysian entrepreneur, Dato' TP Chin; he started the business after identifying the trend and lifestyle. Let's support local product!

Unfortunately SEND has only started operation in Klang Valley area for the time being, fyi. I believe it won't take long before this app expended it's operation to all over Malaysia! :)

Give it a try and experience the conveniences!! 


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Milk at Breakfast with Dutch Lady !

So, if you've been following me on social media, you would have noticed that I was on this one week breakfast challenge with Dutch Lady. It was a complete 7-day challenge! I get to properly plan the most difficult question ever which is what to eat..? haha. even now my collegue call me the dutch lady and always ask if I have taken my milk every morning :P It was a fun week indeed. Thanks Dutch Lady! :) In fact, it's even more fun to see what my other blogger friends eat. Food photos are always candy to the eyes right. hashtag #foodporn hehe.

Despite all those photos, I believe not all of you know the main purpose of this challenge that was held be Dutch Lady; why is it is important to have milk at breakfast..??

My Breakfast Routine

If you ask what is my usual breakfast routine.. well.. to tell you the truth.. it really depends on my mood and circumstances. I have had moments when I really can't live without breakfast; and have to take heavy breakfast and after some times, it changed. I turned into someone who take only light breakfast and after that I became a person who skip breakfast and take brunch. haha. crazy roller coaster self, right? But as for now, every weekdays morning, I will either have breakfast on the goi.e on the way to office or I'll eat whatever food I have first things first when I arrived office. hehe. So far, no skipping breakfast! phew! hehe. And milk..? hmm.. it has never been included during breakfast nowadays. -_-" bummerrrrrrrr huhu


Goodness of milk

From biology subject I learned in school, I knew that milk is a great source of protein and calcium. Protein for the growth and development of bones, muscles and tissues while calcium is for denser healthier bones, teeth and muscle tissue. Basic knowledge 101. 
However, that is not all! Milk actually packs more than just protein and calcium but it also contains a range of other essential nutrients like Vitamins A, B, C and D, Manganese, Phosphorus, Selenium etc.

But sad fact guys, 
The average calcium intake among Malaysian adults is below 50% of the recommended nutrient intake !!! whattttttt!

So, what do you think is wrong with that..? I mean, of course, it is obviously a wrong situation but how did it becomes so wrong. No wonder many of us Malaysians, suffer from weak teeth, curved spine, osteoporosis etc etc, you yourself can name it all, right..? huuuu. Basically it's back to our unhealthy culture. Many of us stop or drink lesser and lesser milk as we grow older *that includes me of course*. So reflect yourself and start taking really care of or body by drinking more milk; at least enough amount needed by body which is told to be 2 serving a day. That's not so hard right. I feel like, it is not at all!

Importance of having milk at breakfast

Also, to fix this problem is actually so easy. Simply include at least a glass of Dutch Lady PureFarm milk in the morning at breakfast pumps at least 275mg of calcium into the body and majorly helping you to meet your daily calcium requirement!! Incorporate it at breakfast, too, will boost your nutritional intake and uplift breakfast meals because your body has been fasting overnight, girl. You got to helps the body regulate itself with a good breakfast baverage, That answers the major objective of Dutch Lady's breakfast challenge! XD

Drink more milk okay! hehe.

Last but not least, beofre I end this entry, let's follow me on the journey of my 7 days milk at breakfast challenge with Dutch Lady! Toodles! XOXO

Harum Malam - A Women's Drink Review

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Now that I've reached quarter of century old, full time working and married, I can feel that youth is slowly leaving my body. huhh. and because of that I become more concern about my health than I ever be (!)

So today I'd loveeeeee to share a health drink which specialized for women! It's called Harum Malam Minuman Kesihatan Wanita

Harum Malam is formulated with rose extract with other 100% natural nutritious ingredients like sirih, fig, raisins, honey, Goji, makrut lime, Paramaria leavigata, pomegranate, manjakani, Pueraria Lobata, Pueraria Mirifica, strawberry, and senna is specially made for women! It can energize you throughout the day and prevent body odour. 

Girl, I wish I have had the health conciousness ever since I was younger! Good things should be started as early as possible for best result! Besides the energy and body odour benefit, Harum Malam is said and proven can treat vaginal itchiness, discharge, tighten vagina etc etc.

It can be consumed everyday even of you are on period, in confinement or breastfeeding. Except if you're pregnant. Pregnant women are not advised to consume this product because you might 
experience difficulties to deliver normally due to the tightening effect. 

Who should drink Harum Malam:
✔ married woman
✔ virgin girls
✔ women in confinement
✔ breastfeeding mothers
✔ women of 50 years old and above

Advantages and benefit of Harum Malam health drink:
✔ Help refresh and nourish the body
✔ Beautify and increase radiance of your face
✔ Remove unpleasant body and mouth odour
✔ For healthy uterus
✔ Beautify and increase your bust
✔ For energy and avoid dry vagina problem
✔ Help kill bacteria in your urinary duct
✔ Increase immunization
✔ Relieve stress
✔ Revitalized your skin/ anti-aging affect

The best thing of it is that we don't have to consume much for better result. In fact, it is not recommended to only consume more than the recommended dosage. Thus, more saving! hehe.

Morning : 1 tablespoon before breakfast
Malam : 1 tablespoon before go to sleep

For best result:
– Avoid icy drinks
– consume everyday
– only consume the recommended dosage

Volume: 250 ml
Weight: 580 gram

Any inquiries:

Company: Millennial Gen Sdn Bhd

Address: 11G, Jalan Keluli AL7/AL, Pusat Perniagaan Bukit Raja, Section 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor

Office: 03 3358 5344



(Kelab Ibu Cantik - Millennial Gen)


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Finally another entry!! haha

It's K-beauty time baby! wootttsss!!

Even though I am in no way look korean (kuikui), I loveeee Korean make up looks waayyyy better than the western's. They are super duper great at enhancing natural beauty. Refer here for my Korean Inspired makeup look; here, I emphasized the small small steps of korean's apporach with makeup. 

I have always been sooo impressed with the Korean beauty technology too. Makeup also has their own technology, I kid you not! Be it the makeup trend, skincare, packaging, products, they are all very creative!! Let's see all the korean beauty products that I own and see how weird, fun, cool and great one product can be!!!

sidenote: these are just the overall views not full reviews of the products. Full review will be in separate entries. 

Lip Tattoo
This lip tattoo by blingsome is a kind of lip tint that applies like a glue and leave your lips tinted!! haha! so fun! I remember those days where I put glue on my hand than pull it after it dries like skin! did you did that toooo?!!! hahaha
see what it did to my dull, pale face!!!! Love ittttttttt!! <3

Sheet face mask
Sheet masks don't come in boring white anymore! It's wayyyyyyy better than what you think it can be! it now comes with prints! like these that I had makes me look like a panda and a cool mysterious masquerade girl while it beautify my face! woots! 
They make putting on mask is not a chore making yourself pretty, instead, it's a fun activity! especially if you are having a girls time like a sleepover or something like it! the 20minutes waiting time sure will turn into a 20minutes of selfies! haha!

BB cream cushion
Koreans are very much well known with their bb cream cushion. If you never heard of BB cream cushion, it's a product whereby a cushion holds the BB cream for more-saving and better application. The specialty is at the sponge applicator which u will use while dabbing the foundation into your skin. But we cannot ignore the beautiful packaging of this BB cream cushion by Keep In Touch
What's more interesting is that the cushion's cream comes in this weird yin-yang lookalike shape haha. The white portion is the moisturizer while the brown one is the foundation, of course. 
First application will sure make like you're printing your face hahah. Then watch it slowly and beautifully blends into skin while dabbing it. How fun haha.

Dual Lipstick
do you know the ombre lips trend? omg i'm head over heels with that look! see my post on ombre here. The look is great but it will require few tricky steps before you can achieve the look but now no moreeee! dual-lipstick is here! how genius. haha.
gradient-lips made easy (Y) (Y)

Lip Crayon
While this lip crayon looks literally like a pen, it behaves just like a real buncho crayon u used to use during psv period in school back then! hehe. in a good way, fyi. if you can imagine the buncho crayon, that's exactly how this lip crayon's texture is.
Highly pigmented with matte finish lips can easily be achieved as I easily fit the sleek pen-sized product in my handbag! 

Brush gel liner
it's a gel liner in a pen! There's a brush and sharpener at the end of the liner pen.   detachable - so, easy to clean and be used.

With the brush at the back, the liner can be blended a bit for a more subtle smoky look. 

It gives you fuller but subtle lash line too. Perfect for an every-day natural-looking makeup. 

This mascara is nothing so extraordinary but the packaging and the banana lookalike brush wand. hehe. I'm really appreciating every single details it has to offer hehe. How I wish it smells like banana too! ahhahahaha :P
1 coat and I'm all satisfied with my natural by voluminized eye lashes! muahx

These Korean products' brands are mostly not available in Malaysia and the answer to where I get them from is none other than Althea! No suprise! Althea is my K-beauty products' personal shopper. See my Althea post here.

That is all for today! 
Thanks for reading.
Till my next entry XOXO 

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