My Makeup Bag + Organizing Tips

I'm a nomad. I travel back and forth Malacca - KL as frequent as at least every 2 weeks since I'm staying in a residential college here in UM and my hometown is in Malacca. 

anddddd.. I have an issue. I have a packing issue. I always always end up bringing almost everything with me. T_T. I'm always worried that I don't pack enough like, "you never know when you will need this and this and this". you got what I mean? Is it just me??? haha.

Well.. that includes packing my makeup. I always feel the need of bringing everything with me and in the process, I don't know, for some reason, I lost a lot of my makeup stuff; I might have misplaced them or have dropped them somewhere. They are all because I don't really have proper storage. 

Until my mum gave me hers! woohoooo!!

this is a beauty. how cool is this vintage makeup bag ( or box ) ?!! major loveeee!

she don't use it anymore, so she said I can have it! saved a lot of money because of this hehehe. Thank You SO MUCH Maaaaa!! <3 <3 <3

If you open it, it looks like this:
there's a detachable upper part and a mirror

If I am to bring all I need, it will look something like this:
how is it helping if I don't organize them, right?

So, I'm gonna share how I organize those stuff so I can easily reach them.

I bought this Partition Board at Daiso the other day for RM5
(daa..of course -_- hee)

In the package they are 3 pieces with very pretty patterns of hearts and bows. If I'm not mistaken, I think they are available in 3 different colours; white, pink and blue. 

they are quite long so you can cut them to fit the size of your bag. 

after that, just assemble them by connecting the sunken part. adhesive glue is unnecessary. make partitions as you like! 

I really like how they turned out.
they might be as neat but yeah, it works! I can now easily find what I need!

That's all for today!
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Two Shawl Hijab Idea

Hii Assalamualaikum! :)

As you see that title of the post, today I wanna share what I do whenever I don't know which hijab colour I wanna wear. haha. ever encountered the same situation? :P

the answer would be, just wear both! hee

"when in doubt, go all out!" >_<

 fyi, this is my sister hehe 

today's post is more of a pictorial post! soo, PEACE OUT!
That's all for today!

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DIY homemade scrub + mask

Assalamualaikum everyoneeee! well do you take care of your skin?? do you scrub your face?

ever feel like " omg. my face's so dull! T_T " ??

it must be the dead skin! not just it makes your skin dull, it also prevents your expensive skincare to penetrate into your skin. that's such a waste! 

scrubbing helps to thoroughly remove impurities on your skin and unclog your pores. meaning? less break-outs!!

you need to scrub your face at least once a week to get glowing skin.

you don't necessarily need to buy the face scrub (exfoliating products) because you can simply make it at home! easy-peasy and you can save your money! cool, right?! I personally don't own any pre-made scrub. this is how I always do and I find it is much more effective.

the quickest way would be incorporating few pinches of sugar with your cleanser.
sugar is a better option than salt because it is more gentle and most importantly, it helps maintain the moisture of the skin.
fyi, this cleanser that i've been using for years is jeune lavoss which i get from slimming sanctuary spa centre.

or... if you have a little bit of extra time, you can take some honey, mix it with sugar, scrub your face and leave it about 10 minutes 

Honey is antibacterial, great for acne treatment and prevention, full of antioxidants and slows down aging. nothing will ever go wrong with honey!

a little goes a long wayyy. you won't need so much but if you have any leftover, you can simply store it in the refrigerator and do not worry because it will never go bad! (Y)

I can ensure you that you can immediately feel all the goodness right after.

good luck! hehe

that's all for today!

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Getting Ready for a Viva

Assalamualaikummm!! hii!

woohoo! finally I'm done with my Final Year Project Part 1 's viva today! feeling good (Y) (Y) shouldn't be so happy since the hectic Part2 is coming real soon haha. 

since I'm done with it, i'm thinking that maybe I can share with you some tips or a simple checklist to those who are going to do any kinda big deal of presentation hehe. 

getting ready is one of the mostttt important thing, really, at least to me it is haha. you may think that only the contents of the presentation matters, but, you know, looks can be deceiving, a good kind of deceiving, especially to the evaluators. you don't want to look like a zombie. people don't see how much effort you have put. all they want is a good presentation and the appearance is what visible to them.

you need to look good, confident and well-prepared (!)

  1. wake up early. you want to look as fresh as possible before and during the presentation
  2. decide and prepare your attire for the day. of course, something formal. you can go bold or modest. iron them! as for the hijab, go for something that is simple, looks neat and comfortable! you don't want to spend your time worrying about how is your hijab >_<

    blouse - Brands Outlet
    Skirt - KWC
  3. makeup wise, opt for the simplest makeup look. you want to look like you really put an effort to your look but don't go overboard. red lippie? smokey eyes? i don't think so. huhu

    defined and neat eyebrow, few coats of mascara, subtle blusher, some definition to the eye crease and peach soft lippie
  4. Lastly is recheck your work/slides beforehand! 

All the besttt!!
Thanks for reading!

The aftermath haha. 
well done, mates!

3 Different Ways To Wear Denim Shirt


Hello everyoneeee! 
Happy Sunday!

It's been 2 years since I came out with a fashion post!  omgg haha. that was longggg time ago.
The last time was when I participated in Hijabi Fashion Week (HFW). in case you wanna see it, you can easily find it in the left side of the blog in the History section. :)

So, today I'm gonna show you 3 different looks with a denim shirt.
1 denim shirt, 3 different feels. 

I'm pretty sure all of you girls own at least one piece of denim shirt.

so, yeah, let's get into it.

btw, my denim shirt is from Levi's.

(1) button down. there you go.
All blue. I've always loved to be all matchy matchy hahaha

(2) as an outer wear. a printed sleeveless top would be great to be paired with!
makes me look tougher, right? roarrrr! haha. 

(3) wear with a maxi dress, tie the bottom in a knot.
this's what happened when u feel awkward taking pictures alone. sorry about the face. i looked so funny. muahahahaha. >_<"

There're many other ways to style your denim shirt.
So, experiment and have fun!

fyi, for more fashion inspired photos by me, i occassionally post #ootd in my instagram @najlaa_aqilah. 

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Basic Eyebrows Shaping and Filling (step-by-step)


Hello! Happy Thursday! hehe

so today's quick update is on the basic "how I shape and fill my brow".

no plucking/trimming/shaving (Y)

if you want them to look more natural, 
the key is to work with your natural eyebrow shape 
and use brow powder (or eyeshadow) 

there's nothing much I can say about since the pictures are pretty self-explanatory:
  1. outline your desired eyebrow shape
  2. fill them in especially in the sparse area
  3. for the front eyebrow part, fill it as lightly as you can
  4.  the bottom left picture is after brushing and combing everything out using spoolie brush for softer-looking brow and so it don't look so drawn on
  5. use a concealer to correct or erase stray hairs

    then you can finish off with the rest of your eye makeup!
That's all for todayyyyy!
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DIY simple and easy Paper Gift Bag

Assalamualaikum everyone!

It's Tuesday!

I have a non-beauty kind of post today! hehe

so let's get into it! :)

>_< INTRO hehe >_<
Paper bag is definitely one the best kind of gift packaging. perfect for those irregular shape gifts that don't come in boxes like brooches, bracelets etc etc.

you have an old magazine? does it still has the cover? good. because you're going to make the paper bag out of it. 
these are why magazine's cover is a great material to be used as paper bag:
  • it's quite thick
  • it won't crumple easily
  • it is going to make a sturdy paper bag
  • it has unique pattern so you are going to get a very pretty paper bag!

depending in how big you will need the paper bag to be, you can use just one side or you can even join two sides together for a bigger size. 

what else? just a sellotape or a double-sided tape. yes, that's all.

    easy-peasy! this won't even take more than 5 minutes, I promise!

  1. fold the paper in half
  2. join them with the sellotape
  3. fold both ends

  4. fold them inwards to get this shape

  5. fold the bottom like how you would normally do with gifts wrapping and tape them

  6. tadaaaaa!

That's all for today!

See u guys on Thursday! 

Bubbyeeee! XOXO

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner Review + Triple Eyeliner Look


It's sunday and I'm back with another beauty post! hehe! fashion and lifestyle posts are coming soon do not worry okay to those who don't really like makeup stuff. >_<

Have you ever liked a product sooo much that it reached the embarassing level?? If I am to talk about this favourite product of mine, it will always sound like I'm being sponsored or something but i swear I'm not haha. and since i've been getting compliments and a lotttt of questions about the liquid liner that i'm using, here's to my honest review of it.

I've been using this eyeliner for so long that i can't even recall the first time i discovered it. Repurchased about 6 times so estimate how long has it been if one bottle lasted about 2-3 months if used every single day 0_0

Well, as you can read the title of the post, that's my favourite liquid liner of all time; Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner.

These are why it's a major loveeeeee<3 :-

It is very very pigmented. The colour they are showing on the bottle is exactly the same as the liquid liner or even better. i kid you not. a single swipe can already show the true colour.

just like how they name it, it gives a glossy finish line. the formula is thin and it dries very quickly.

It is the best kind of waterproof and smudgeproof liquid liner. really, because even if you rub you eyes so hard, even with water, at most, it will come off but the colour don't budge everywhere. therefore, if you're going out, not bringing your makeup remover wipes and need to perform prayer, you can easily rub it off with water. no panda eyes. full stop. 

The precision it gives is amazingggggg! the soft, thin and flexible brush is the bomb dot com. it assist a very smooth and even application. so, it's great if you want a natural finish, you can go with a very thin line or if you want a more dramatic look, go for thick wing line! 

And guess the best part? It's not expensive at all! as a liquid liner sucker, i can say that this product really does beat all high-end liquid liner! 

As far as i know, it comes in 6 different shades because i've seen somewhere in the internet but i've only saw about 4 shades in the drugstore which are:

  1. Black which is a true black,

  2. Electro Shock which is a royal blue colour,

  3. Lazer Green which is more like a greenish teal colour with blue shimmers in it,

  4. and Gold Lation which is a true gold colour

and they are all shimmery(except black) and glossy. the other 2 colours i saw in the internet are the fuschia/purple and silver. anyone ever seen these 2 colour please let me know. hehe

Additional to this review is the simple fun triple eyeliner look!

That's all for today!
Happy Trying! Good Luck!
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See you on Tuesday! heeeeeee XOXO

Doll-like drawn-on bottom lashes

Assalamualaikummm! Hi!

sooooo do you lack in the bottom lashes department like i do? T_T haha and don't really like to have fake eye-lashes on?

do not worry! just draw them on! hehe
really, it's not as ridiculous as it sounds. :P

i call it the annabelle lashes haha. scary. but i promise that they will look good especially in photos. >_<

look how they give the doll-like effect to the eyes.


With a steady hand, draw line by line along the lower lashline.
of course, i use my all-time-favourite Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner in Black because the thin brush gives better precision and they look so much better. 

line your waterline too so that they don't look so fake hanging hehe.

 That's all!
Thanks for reading lovelies!

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