FRATBOY Shadow / Blush by The Balm : Review

I've been using FRATBOY Shadow / Blush by The Balm for 3 months now and hands down - this is my by far is my favourite powder blush! you have no idea how much I've been reaching this blusher haha thus this review

fyi: all photos are with #nofilter

Of course, the first thing that caught my attention is the packaging. I'm still on of those people who got easily deceived by the appearance >_< This about-palm-size blush comes in this sturdy cardboard-like compact with the very cool vintage-looking printing. it has mirror inside too! not the typical low quality mirror, this is a good one of a good size too hehe. p/s: the "so many men, so little time..." quote inside really cracks me up. haha.

 this Matte peachy pink with warm undertone shade is a very beautiful colour. It's a great everyday shade that can suit every skin tone from pale to tan. this shade can give just the right flush to your cheeks. I seldom wear it as an eyeshadow but it's a great transition colour!

it's amazingly pigmented and is very easy to apply too since the the brush can pick up the colour easily straight from the pan.a little goes a long way. If I wanted to get a very subtle flush on the cheeks, I literally just swiped the blush brush onto the pan once! and the greatest thing is that it is very long wearing! thumbs up to the ability to survive all the oil and sweat hahaha (Y) (Y)

 I love the texture! It's very smooth and fine. It's not too chalky or powdery.

I think this product has almost no scent but I could smell a little bit hint of citrus-y which is great!

    [RM74][SASA Outlets]

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    Homemade Hot Chocolate

    Assalamualaikum! Hello!

    It's Sunday!'s be-at-home time. 

    Nothing can beat a sit-back-and-relax time with DELICIOUS HOT CHOCOLATE HOME MADE!! Even for someone who doesn't fancy chocolate (like myself), have some time with hot chocolate is heavenly hehe

    How-to :-)

    1) Warm you favourite type of milk. Just any kind would do.

    2) Put few bars of chocolate. you may add as much as you want but if you use sweetened chocolate, more chocolate meaning sweeter drink. if you use unsweetened chocolate, you may want to add sugar. this is I think the best part of making a homemade hot chocolate because you may customize the taste accordingly to your liking. sometimes, the so-called best hot chocolate in town is a little too sweet for me!

    3) Pour the drink into the mug and finish it off with whipped cream on top! OMG! who doesn't love whipped cream?! whipped cream makes everything better! hehehe

    4) ENJOYYYYYYYYY!!! ^_^

    Happy Trying!
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    Bubble Gum Wax (The Wax Expert) and My First Ever Waxing Experience

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    Waxing = Painful Experience ??

    Really, waxing is not as bad as I thought it would be! It was actually quite pleasant, I would say.

    Last Sunday, as mentioned in my previous post (click here), I went to the launching of Bubble Gum Wax (The Wax Expert)'s 2nd Outlet in Casa Tropicana, Petaling Jaya.


    I didn't get to take many pictures because there were a lottt of people but I tell you, this place is so cool! The  ambience is very very nice and everywhere in there is pose-worthy! 

    All the butterflies were so lucky to get to bring home these goodies:

    hygienic wipes

    RM300 cash voucher!! 

    soothing moisturizing cream for post wax
    this minty cream needed to be applied generously because after waxing, the skin can be dry depending on the type of skin. 

    there's also a pamphlet on the services with the prices that they have which I figure you might want to see:

    p/s: BBGW will give you a deal of ONLY RM29 for your first time here in January '15!

    I believe I had the soft waxing. The hard waxing is a different kind where strip is not used since the wax itself will harden and the hair will be removed with it. On the other hand, IPL is another type of waxing which uses a type of laser to remove the hair. head over to other butterflies' blog for different experience than mine!

    So, let's get into the experience part. OMG I was so freaking nervous when the girls started to be called one by one to have their session. I cannot really enjoy the good food they're serving!! haha! I was like having my own silent moment preparing myself for it! :P

    So, I tried legs waxing due to some circumstances. I think it's a better choice anyway to try waxing for legs first so we'll get to test the feel and won't get phobias after the first time haha if that ever make any sense. :P

    I forgot the name of the girl that do the waxing for me! >_< She's a nice person btw!

    The procedures include:

    1. wiping with hygienic wipes 
    2. application of the glue-like wax (It is quite warm so it relaxed the skin)
    3. removal of hair after attaching of strip to the wax 
    4. Lastly is the wiping again. 

    It doesn't hurt much. If I am to rate the 'pain', I would say it was mild.

    There's just the tingling sensation and my legs' skin feel a little numb afterwards.
    The best part is, I can instantly see the difference it did to my legs! now I know why they say waxing is another mean of exfoliating. the wax helps remove the dead skin as well! my legs feel silky smooth after the waxing and they are fairer too! they're so smooth that I can't stop touching my legs! haha! can't believe I have never have the intention to ever wax before! 

    It was a quick one. I think it took less than 10 minutes to finish. the quicker the better, right? heee

    Again, I'd like to convey my gratitude again towards The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers for this experience. Else, I don't know if I'll ever try waxing. Of course, many many thanks too to the Bubble Gum Wax (The Wax Expert) for the service. I know definitely that I should be grateful that I had my first time with BBGW because I've been told by the senior butterlies that they do it better than anywhere else! Thumbs up! (Y)

    I have even booked my 2nd appointment for other services ! hehe.


    fyi, below is the link to a good read that might help the wax virgin! (because it helped me too)

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    Get Ready With Me (Brooklyn Street Style in Black)



    Updating my OOTD and MOTD for the launch of Bubble Gum Waxing (The Waxing Expert) new outlet at Casa Tropicana, PJ with The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers! I guess I was a little too excited for my very first event to attend hehe especially that it's with a dress code which is Black (Brooklyn Street Style).

    I had so much fun mixing and matching outfits in my closet (as well as my sister's hehehe).

    So, for the outfits, I go for simple and modest all-black slightly gothic-y preppy style. hahaha! That's too long for a style name but describes the best! >_< 


    For the makeup, I opted for clean nude look with thick flicked eyeliner and nude lips.


    Post on the event is coming sooooonn!
    Stay Tuned!

    Till then!


    Feminine Korean Inspired Makeup Look


    Do you watch Korean drama or variety shows often?? I do! hehe. If you do too, you will understand what I'll be talking right away hehe because this makeup look I created was inspired Koreans! hehe. I've alwayssss love Korean makeup styles. They are always looking feminine, soft, sweet and innocent.

    Firstly is the skin. do not forget your skincare especially your moisturizer before applying your foundation because we want the dewy, glowy and healthy finish. BB cream is what Korean go for but for me they are always a little to fair/bright for my skin tone. So, I used this instead:
    L'oreal True Match is a great foundation. It is quite moisturizing, has tiny tiny gold shimmers in it so it will make your skin glowing. you need only light to medium coverage because we want to look as natural as possible and so, the foundation don't look thick.

    Moving on,

    1. for the brow, go for your natural shape but try to make it as straight as possible. to achieve the look, I only used the brow gel (Revlon Fantasy Brow in Brunette) to enhance the colour and fill in sparse area.

    2. I applied Maybelline 24Hr Colour Tatto in pink on the eye lid for sweet look.

    3. For the eye crease, I used this bronzer-like blusher from Elianto for subtle definition

    4. For the lower lash line, I used this gold eyeliner to make the under eyes pop or in other words to create the 'aegyo sal' which means cute skin which refers to the eye pouches with fat under the eyes. Koreans find eyebags an illusion of youth, cute even! did you know that they even have procedures (surgeries) to create that? wuuuu >_<

    5. To apply mascara, only apply it to the middle highest point of the curled lashes. It will open up the eyes while maintaining the natural looks.

    6. To get the healthy glow on the cheeks, this peach lippie from Victoria Jackson is the best choice. It will give the dewy finish. The best way to apply it is by gently tapping right on the cheekbones and move slightly up to the temples. 

      I'm still digging the very last bit of this product before repurchase because it's so good >_< hehe

    7. For the lips, go for shimmery pink lipstick like this from Maybelline Colour Sensational in Pink Peony. It will help you look sweet. 
      with shimmery lipstick, you don't have to apply lip gloss anymore. Just lipstick is an easier option but if you really want to got for so-korean, go for ombre/gradient lips. (click for ombre link)

    Okay. done.

    That is all I have today.
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    Makeup Revolution Haul + First Impression

    Assalamualaikum everyoneeee!

    Good Dayyy!

    Now that I'm back in Malacca, I get to get my hands on the makeup products that's I've purchased few weeks back! *Excited* hehe

    If you don't already know this, Makeup Revolution is a brand from London which just spread its wing to Malaysia. I first discovered this brand from Instagram when they follow me. At first I was a bit hesitant to try them out but when I saw more more beauty bloggers have tried it, I just can't help myself but to check out their website which is

    Omg! their  price range shocked me! they're all so cheap and looks very pretty too!

     First Impression:
    I would say, the products's colour look a bit different from what they look in the website especially the lipsticks. idk, maybe due to the lighting. so far, the swatches are great but one thing I dislike about them is the smell. some smell a little too chemical-y. I haven't try them on yet by the way. do wait for my reviews okay! hee.

    Redemption Palette Iconic 3
    This is said to be the dupe for Urban Decay Naked3 palette which is of neutral / earth tones with combination of both matte and shimmer shadows. (Y) it's smooth and the pigmentation is quite good. the applicator provided is the double-sided sponge.

    I Heart Makeup Slogan Range Makeup Geek
    This is a a palette with more fun matte and shimmery colours! yeay hehe. the textures are quite similar to the iconic palette, smooth and pigmented too.

    I Heart Makeup Hearts Blusher Blushing Heart
    Thsi blusher reminds me of Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush. This is by far is my favourite purchase! hehe. Look how lovely this is! there are 3 shades of shimmery pink!

    Awesome lash Ultra Black
    The wand is straight while the bristles are plactic-y + rubbery. idk. it's like the combination of both.

    Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer I fall in love
    this is like a melted lipstick with the typical lip gloss-like applicator. this - stinks but the colour payoff is ah-mayyyy-zinggggg! 

    Awesome Eyeliner Felt and Kohl
    This is a unique eyeliner with dual end. one tip is felt while another one is mechanical pencil. they are not too black; more like smoky-black. 

    Amazing Eyeliner Waterproof Black
    I am a bit sceptical about this eyeliner since the applicator is not like a typical brush but is like a rubber. hmm.. you know how much I love liquid eyeliner. let's see how it turn out. 

    Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Twist 
    Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Chic
    Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Enchant
    Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Dazzle
    The lipsticks have variety of finishes. chic is quite sparkly, dazzle is a bit shimmery satin-ny finish, enchant and twist are quite creamy and a little matte. Among the products that I got, I think only the lipsticks have better smell. >_< huhuhu

    can't wait to play and do reviews on these products as well as create many many looks with them!!! :)

    That's all! Thank You! 
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