Doll-like drawn-on bottom lashes

Assalamualaikummm! Hi!

sooooo do you lack in the bottom lashes department like i do? T_T haha and don't really like to have fake eye-lashes on?

do not worry! just draw them on! hehe
really, it's not as ridiculous as it sounds. :P

i call it the annabelle lashes haha. scary. but i promise that they will look good especially in photos. >_<

look how they give the doll-like effect to the eyes.


With a steady hand, draw line by line along the lower lashline.
of course, i use my all-time-favourite Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner in Black because the thin brush gives better precision and they look so much better. 

line your waterline too so that they don't look so fake hanging hehe.

 That's all!
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Fairytopia Makeup Look for Kids

Assalamualaikum! Hello everybodyyy!

This is my youngest sister, Nadiah Husna!
isn't she lovelyyyyy? hehe <3

source: Google

just in case you don't know what is Fairytopia, it is one the Barbie movies. yes, we're Barbie fans haha. we have ALL of Barbie movies collection. >_< 

there are a few of series of Fairytopia but all of them basically have the same colour scheme of pink, purple and blue.

so this is the final look created! hehe
it is very simple to create yet it's very pretty. 

the focus for this look is the eyes.
therefore, you will only need the bright coloured eye shadows of pink, purple and blue.

  1. bright purple all over the lid
  2. bright pink at the crease
  3. bright blue to line the lower and upper lashes and wing them out

my lil' sister has actually made a video tutorial on this makeup look hehe. click here if you haven't watch it.

because my sister's cheeks are naturally blushed, i don't need to put any blusher on her. it's not very good to put a lot of makeup on kids' face either. huhu. but if you still would like to, you can just glide your tinted lipbalm on the cheeks to get the pink glow. just like how i've showed here in my beauty hacks with tinted lipbalm here.

for the lips, to make the eyes stand out even more, you don't need anything else; keep it nude or natural pink. just a tinted lipbalm will be nice.

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Beauty Hacks: with adhesive tape


it's my 2nd beauty hacks post. click here if you haven't read the 1st post.

still struggling to create the winged/cat eyeliner

today's beauty hacks is creating the winged/cat eyeliner with the help of an adhesive tape! hehe

put the adhesive tape to the outer conner of your eyes and you can easily draw them with the help of the adhesive tape. in fact, it's very precise and creates a very crisp line too.

+1 quick tips: some adhesive tape can be a little too sticky, so put it to the back of your hand first before putting it on you face! :D

you should be able to get something like this:

this is perfect too to create the fan shape eye shadows with the gradient effect like the one i've showed in my makeup challenge of celebrity inspired. 

winged or cat eyeliner really looks good with a Duchenne smile (Smiling with your eyes).

Good Luck!

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Makeup to complement Nerd Glasses

Assalamualaikum everyoneeee!!

I usually wear my nerd glasses when i don't feel like putting a lot of makeup. it's like my way to not really show my bare face haha. fyi, my nerd glasses is for my short-sightedness okay! it's not fake one haha.

with some type of makeup look, you can look very sophisticated with nerd glasses. so today i would want to show you how i do makeup to be worn with my nerd glasses.

simple eye makeup for the nerd glasses or how to show off the pretty eyes from within the nerd glasses hehe

  1. draw a really structured eye brow. make so that it's showing slightly above the glasses' frame (as for myself, i make it a bit thicker than my natural brow is)
  2. deepen the eyes by putting some dark brown eye shadow to the eye crease
  3. line the lash line and slightly wing it out
  4. make sure to conceal your under eyes >_ < even a hint of dark under eyes will make you look gloomy
  5. put some hightlighter to in inner conner of the eyes to make the eyes pop
  6. apply generously few coats of mascara to finish it off

as for the cheeks, apply the blusher right at the cheekbones (just below the frames) up to the temples

finally apply a bright lipstick! that's all! hehe

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benefit they're Real! push-up liner Review



They're Real! Mascara is an extremely great product, i swear! *no, today's review is not about the mascara though haha. maybe later okay*

So when they launch the they're Real! push-up liner, i get really excited and i feel like i MUST try it. 
bought it at Sephora at RM100
 anddddd here i am, wanting to share with you how i find it.

in case you don't know what is this push-up liner is, let me brief you a little about it. basically, it's gel eyeliner pen, or more accurately described as the lash-hugging gel liner pen. it's the latest eyeliner technology invention hehe.

it is about the same size as a regular pen, has a base that can be twisted around for the gel to delivered to the tip. 

the tip is the main character here. unlike its stiff-looking, it is a very soft silicon-like material tip.

Reviews (pros & cons):
  • odourless
  • creamy texture
  • to get a very black line, needs to get generous amount of it or to re-line few times.
  • glides smoothly on the lash line
  •  the angled tip really made it easy to wing it out. so, this is especially great for beginners!
  • it gives a very precise fine line like a thin angled brush give
  • looks neat with the matte finish
  • it really hugs the lashes that i can't see any gap and i don't care if i don't line my tight line.
  • i don't feel it's suitable for applying at the lower lashes. 
  • even when i rub my eyes so much, i won't get me the panda eye. it's smudge proof and it could last very long too.
  • it's hard to be removed too! i don't know if it's especially easy if i use the they're Real! remover, but it took me quite some time to really remove everything (including the black stain).

and i'm pretty sure, it will look great with a few coats of the they're real mascara !!

if you wanna try something new or you are not familiar with applying eyeliner, yes, this could be a good product with you.

but if you ask me will i repurchase it?
honestly, no,
because there are much better and cheaper options at the drugstore.

That is all!
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Get Inspired and Join 7 Days Makeup Challenge by Najlaa 'Aqilah [COMPLETED]

Assalamualaikum everyone!

Summary of the Makeup Challenge:-


Join the Challenge!

copy the banner that i created and link it back to my blog.

"You will never know how much you can accomplish until you try.."

Good Luck!

and Thank Youuuuu lovelies! :-*

7. Celebrity Inspired

Hi! Assalamualaikum! :)

Sorry that it took me 4 days to come out with this final makeup challenge! why? because to be compared with a celebrity is the last thing i want to happen >_< okay joke. i don't care. i am me, and i'm proud of myself huhu. in fact, actually in the bold lips post, in a way, i already tried the celebrity inspired makeup. check out that post if you haven't^^

for today's post, i'm gonna show the inspired makeup from KATY PERRY!

well if you can tell, the center of attention of the look is the eyes. She has the silver to black gradient effect eyeshadows on with the well-defined brow, light blusher and orange+peach-y lippie.

so, as for the eyeshadows, it basically starts with light to dark, from the inside corner of the eye out. the cat eye shape eyeshadow stands out on its own and you will only need a very thin layer of eyeliner on your lash line or maybe just on the tight line.

for the blusher, it's better to use a blush that matches your skin tone (i.e looks natural on the skin) and apply it lightly on the cheekbones.

everything else is quite self-explanatory based on the photo huhu.

therefore, to achieve the look, the Sephora mini pallette is a perfect pallette to create the look. Victoria Jackson lip balm in peach is also perfect to complete the look.   

okay that is all! final look >_<

lemme know if you want a full tutorial of the look :)

disclaimer: i am neither a professional nor i am extremely good at thesethis is just some information about the topic and how i made attempts on doing it. comments are very much welcomed.

Thanks for Reading!!

now that the makeup challenge has ended, i'm running out of idea for the next post. let me know if you have any request post. don't forget to tag me if you join this makeup challenge so i can check them out! :D

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6. Cut Crease

Hi! Assalamualaikum everyone!

today i'm gonna show you guys the hardest part of the makeup challenge which is the cut crease! >_<

The Cut Crease is a technique in which the crease is "cut" sharply with a contrasting eye shadow color to give it that really dramatic defined crease. 

as you've read at the above, i said that it's the hardest technique to master. yes, indeed. i would say it's the most tedious eyeshadows application that needs a steady hands as well as practice! they say this technique is for the advanced makeup enthusiast. unless you're an artist or a makeup genius, you're not gonna get a perfect cut crease look on the first try! haha. i'm such a pessimist! :P

somehow, i manage to create this look today. i call it the feminine cut crease. why feminine? because i used the shimmery pink eyeshadow in contrast with the black crease line! hehehe. of course it's not a perfect one since this is my first time! T_T nevertheless, i'm so proud of myself! *chin up* heee

these are the products i used:

  1. first thing first is the sketching of the crease line starting from the crease in the middle of your eye and connecting to the outer corner of your eye. because you need a sharp line, this is where steady hand is crucial! haha. i used the black eyeshadow in the sephora mini makeup palette.
  2. then blend it outwards and using the top line of the line as a guide, apply a dark brown eyeshadow with it. 
  3. only after you're done with the crease, apply the shimmery pink eyeshadow onto the bare eyelid. be careful not to mess with the crease line! i used Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo Gel-Cream Eyeshadow in 55 Inked in Pink! <3
  4. apply a liquid liner. winged it towards the end of the end of the crease line. a thin line is more preferable. a liquid liner with a very thin brush like the Maybelline Hyper Glossy will definitely help a lot.
  5. then, finish off with mascara! this look will look better with a false eyelashes but because creating the cut crease is tiring enough, i don't feel like applying them hahaha. a few coats of Maybelline the Rocket Volum' Express mascara will do just fine! :)

please excuse my expression >_< 

that's all for today! thank you!

disclaimer: i am neither a professional nor i am extremely good at thesethis is just some information about the topic and how i made attempts on doing it. comments are very much welcomed.

5. Ombre

Good Day!

Proceeding with Makeup Challenge No.5 Ombre! :)


“Ombre” is a French word which basically means shading or graduating. It refers to the graduation of color from light to dark or vice versa.

In makeup, ombre are applicable for both eyes and lips and there are many colour combos or tones that shade into each other that you can use to create the look!

the key to achieve the ombre eyes is the 3 shades of eyeshadows.

 the darker colour starts after the eyeliner graduating up to the crease with a lighter colour. the middle shade eyeshadow acts as the trasition colour and blend, blend and blend ! :D

To balance the bright pink eyeshadow, i'm going to finish off with a very soft looking lips.

I call it the korean ombre lips. This gradient or also known as the innocent "just bitten" lip look is extremely popular with girls in Korea, especially the celebrities. 

these are what you will be needing:

image showing the step by step tutorial below is from

and tadaaaaa! i'm doneee! haha >_<

That's all for today!
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