HFW May 2012 - Day 4 - Vacation

It's hfw day 4! :)

i still haven't come out with the day 3 look which is time travel since i don't really have the time to. i will post about it within this week, promise! hehe

so, what do you think about outfit for vacation?

i would say, to me, to be on vacation is to be free from anything that bothers you. so, for the outfit, it would be perfect to have a lightweight, soft, flowy dress on with very little accessories and with shoes that is very practical and comfortable to wear anywhere like a wedges flip flop. i loveeeeee everything floral. from fragrance to pattern. everything! it somehow makes me feel at ease and tranquil :)

so, what say you?

floral maxi drerss - custom made
cardigan - unbranded
wedges flip flop - bata

pink. i can't help it. i've always love pink and forever will :P

till then.

*it very scary to realize that i have just 3 days before my 1st paper T_T* 

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HFW May 2012 - Day 1 - Hijabis in leadership roles

Hijabi Fashion Week is here again! :)

though it's already been my third time joining hfw, i'm still excited! :D

and againnnn, the first day of hfw's theme is all about leadership or work wear and since i'm still a student (will be a student for 3 more years until graduation T_T ), i'm running out of ideas! :P

click here for my hfw may 2011 - Day 1 (Work Wear) look and here for my hfw nov 2011 - Day 1 (Leaders in Hijab) look 


so, this is what i came out for today's theme :)

Shirt (worn inside) - SUB Zero
Chiffon Leopard Blazer - Old Blossom Box
Maxi skirt - BYN
Belt - my sister's :P
Bag (my mum's) - BONIA

sorry about the small car. this is my car that i've been using everyday to class :P

till then! i'll have to back to study. i'll be having final exams in a week! #sigh
wish me luck ^^

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