Natural Makeup Look with 1028 Visual Therapy Makeup Collection | Tutorial + Review

السلام علىكم

Hi! How's Raya preparation going?? Omggg Rayabis tomorrow! My Raya this year is going to be a whole lot different with the presence of our baby Amaan Arjuna! hehe. It's going to be challenging too! haha

Therefore I will opt for a quick, simple and natural looking makeup look this Raya! FYI, I am especially collaborating with 1028 Visual Therapy cosmetic, a Taiwanese brand to create this look. you can find all the products mentioned at watson!

Watch me doing the makeup aka so-called tutorial below. It's my first time recording a video like this so pardon my noob video okay haha.

Products Reviews

1) Moisture Infusion CC Essence Cream SPF30 PA++

Comes in a typical plastic tube that is light and thin, easy to fit in a makeup bag.

Creamy. Glides smoothly on the skin but doesn't make your face feel sticky after application which I love!! Even though it claims to be hydrating to the skin, it doesn't finish looking like so - it is more matte, feel powdered than I would expect it to be.

It has a very strong fragrance; perfume-y which I like! hehe. Some people might not like it but huhu I am a sucker to great smelling products.

I'd say the coverage it provides is sheer; feels like skin but it really brightens my dull complexion and even out my skin tone. It can used underneath a foundation if you want a higher coverage but I'd still use it individually because it feels lightweight on the skin even after few layers. oh yes, the layering really help to increase the coverage if you need it :)

2) Longwear Eyebrow Definer

Dual end; one with the product which is in rhombus shape or I would call it like khatt (Islamic calligraphy) pencil hehe, the other end is the spoolie brush.

It also comes with a sharpener for that special shape but is pretty useless to me because I just couldn't figure out how to use it haha.

the lead quite not too creamy, sturdy with just the right softness to draw and fill in the brow and is in soft dark brown in colour.

It really helps to seamlessly create that natural brow look. Major loveeeeee!!

3) Mont Blanc Eyeshadow Kit

cute metal box with mont blanc desserts <3

good quality mirror. (Y) comes in 6 pretty earthy tone.

the applicator provided is the spongy tips and a brush tip.

The first eyeshadow from the left is the only matte finish eyeshadow on the pan; the 2nd from left is the most shimmering eyeshadow while the others are all give metallic-y finish. It is not the smoothest eyeshadow but is still soft and not chalky. pigmentation is so-so but is great to create a subtle elegant yet natural look. I personally feel this kit will be great for beginners!

3) Infinity Longwear Black Eyeliner

It comes with a brush tip which is very thin and flexible.

The brush is great for creating precise lines. From the picture, I showed how thick a single stroke can create. The ink dries instantly after applying and it is totally smudge proof! it's water proof too! this one will be great for beginners too; I strongly recommend!!

Thin line

A more dramatic thick line

4) Miracle Extension Mascara

The curved brush makes it easy to reach all lashes without any contact to the skin. however it doesn't separate the lashes well and they tend to clump. i had to manually separate my lashes with toothpicks haha.

The product is not so wet, quite velvety and is very sticky making the lashes tend to clump together. I like how black the product is. It made my lashline looks thick and bold. I was expecting there'll be like the fibres in since the product's name has extension word in it however there's none and I don't find it extends my lashes. smudge and water proof but is very easy to remove; can just use warm water to take it off.

5) Ultimate Oil-Control Powder 


Cute lil' compact (just a palm size) in pink is made from plastic and comes with a good quality mirror. 

Very soft texture and it is super matte that really helps with the oil control as it claimed. my T-zone definitely needs this and it lasts through out the day. it increase the coverage too!

FYI, 1028 Visual Therapy cosmetics now available in Watsons!

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1028 Visual Therapy @1028_my
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Eid Mubarak and happy holiday in advance! 

Neutrogena Fashion Debut - Happy Skin 24/7 Collection

Congratulations to Neutrogena for its fashion debut! It is a fashion that celebrates the joy of healthy skin! With the Neutrogena® Happy Skin 24/7 fashion collection, a series of 30 designs presented at Mercedes-Benz STYLO AsiaFashionFestival (MBSTYLOAFF) 2017. See their Happy Skin 24/7 Deep Clean Cleansers Range in my previous post too. 

Created by local fashion designers Kittie Yiyi and Hazzer Wan Lee, the Happy Skin 24/7 collection interprets the happy mood that one exudes with healthy, great-looking skin. 

Through the fashion collection, every Malaysian woman can count on Neutrogena® to put her best face forward. 

Watch Neutrogena® Happy Skin 24/7 fashion debut at Mercedes-Benz STYLO AsiaFashionFestival 2017 online! Details at Neutrogena® Malaysia’s Facebook and Instagram:

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Raya Shopping | Althea Raya Goodies!

السلام علىكم

Hello Everyone!

Ramadhan is here already! Happy Ramadhan! Ramadhan Mubarak!

Soooooo that means Raya is cominggg real soon! woot woot! how exciting!

..and that also means there'll be Raya sales and shopping and goodies! haha. 

Our favourite K-beauty stuff 'personal shopper' site which is none other than Althea is also joining the fun during this Raya festive season with their Althea Raya Goodies! 

What's Althea Raya Goodies??!!

1) The Limited Edition Althea Raya Box

They now come in green! nice!!

If you don't already know, Althea box is a very good quality sturdy box and is useful for a lot of things especially organizing your stuff!! 

I didn't get to collect all the limited edition boxes that they come out with but look at my collection of Althea boxes as of today!! muehehe. I love themmmm!!

Can't wait to add 'green' to my collection! XD

2) Raya Giveaway Festival

There's also this giveaway by Althea! whattttt!!!

I was told how it works is that there'll be a page filled with goodies. So, after you're done shopping, check out, pick one of the goodies of your choice and that will be discounted off as a free gift for you! cool!! 

Let's have fun with Althea this Raya!
Happy Raya Shopping!
I can't wait to do mine! hehe. 

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