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 السلام علىكم
Hi againnnn!

Finally it's another beauty stuff entry! hehe. 

Now that I have got lesser time to do in-depth reviews, this product empties review will be a short yet an overall honest thought of the product. 

note that there are a lot of sample sized products because I have a lot of them and it's more convenient to bring when I go back to Melaka. A great way for me to discover new product too! hee.

1) I Love.. Strawberries & Cream Bath & Shower Creme

This is an absolute favourite! Not just mine, it's also my husband's and my family's who came over for weekends at my house! it smells sweet (literally like a candy or to be exact the cloud9 strawberry and cream flavoured! you know? the red and white swirls candy??? hahaha) and it definitely made us feel delicious. even the washroom smell delicious after the shower! hehe. it's moisturizing; not overly till you feel sticky and definitely not leaving your skin all squeaky drying feeling, just enough to leave your skin feeling smooth. will I repurchase? I would!!

2) Kustie Rose Shower & Bath Gel

I've also been loving this one from Kustie! It's more like a spa-like gel that left you feel so refreshed. so, it wasn't very bubbly. Also, did you know that there was flower petals in this gel?!! omg! haha! i just can't tell enough how much i liked them hehe. like any other good shower gel, this one also leave skin feeling all soft and supple! (Y) Repurchase: sure because why not hehe

3) The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil

This oil has quite thin consistency. so i get to use twice from this one sample. a little goes a really long way. I massaged this oil into the skin at night before going to bed and in the morning my skin still feels soft despite the drying air-cond. while the remaining drops I applied before applying makeup; like a makeup base and it worked great. repurchase? maybe, if I really want to see the effect of this vitamin E serum because I think the above observations I saw after using this one sample is common for a face oil. 

4) Maybelline New Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

Believe it or not, that's the first time I tried this famous product! My first empty age rewind concealer ever! and I would say it was really my lost!! I should have bought it as early as I could! haha. it really is a great product (Y). Since the first day I buy it, I've been applying it everyday, religiously. It's the must have product in my makeup bag. I even abandoned my foundation since I got this hehe. it has good coverage; buildable, long lasting, great for the under eyes fitting it's name as it didn't crease at all. I also applied it at highlighting parts like middle of forehead, chin and bridge of the nose, dab into the skin and I'm good to go. I used the light pale shade btw. No doubt, I will repurchase!!!

5) Silkygirl Perfect Sharp Eyeliner

This one is in the shade called Blackest Black which I don't really agree haha. Over the time, the blackness of this eyeliner fades especially because my eyelids get oily. It's easily removed by water too. Even if I forgot my makeup remover to work, when to perform prayer, I can just rub it off with water. So, water-proof as claimed? I don't think so. However, suprisingly it didn't smudge, making my eyes all black when removing it away with just water! price wise, it's the cheapest pen eyeliner I saw in the drugstore but will I repurchase? maybe not. I'd go for a better quality one.

6) The Body Shop Body Butter 

I've bought this Mango flavoured body butter like just before I get married and it's only finished now. haha. I've only been religiously applying it all over my tummy when I get pregnant in attempt to avoid stretch marks. It's a very rich moisturizer; very hydrating and smells really great. Because it's thick, I don't like applying where there is no air-cond haha as it made me feels sticky and uncomfortable but if vice versa, you're going to feel all pampered and assured that your skin is not going to be dried. repurchase? sure but I'd try other flavour. :)

7) Too Cool For School McGirly Perfecter
8) Too Cool For School McGirly Finisher
These two samples here I really have no idea what and how it works haha. There is no instruction on how-to-use etc so I just guess. haha. From the name, finisher should be the one that finish the routine  so we try to perfect first then finish it (does it makes any sense to you? haha) and as I expected, the consistency of the perfecter is like a serum; milky thin cream while the finisher is like a typical cream moisturizer. that was the right indication to how you can layer you skincare. they hydrate well and smell a little bit like rice liquid which I can associate with the ingredients they use which is the extract of yeast fermentation made from pottery-brewed Makgeolli. 

9) Too Cool For School Rules of Skincare Pore Minimizing Serum

I think the amount of product in this sample was ridiculously so little! when I tore this sample and tried to get the products out of it, I hardly get any. It's a thick kind of serum in gel form when applied it melts and fortunately enough to cover my whole face, which I doubt earlier. For layering, I applied this before the Replenish Hydra Cream of the same line.

10) Too Cool For School Dinoplatz CC Cream 

I've always loved CC cream because it's like tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. This one has SPF30, PA++. I liked it because it gave a little bit of coverage at least covering rednesses on my skin and even out my skin tone. It's definitely brightening and gives a subtle glow to your skin so it made me look a lot healthier and especially woken up in the morning. 

11) Too Cool For School Rules of Skincare Replenish Hydra Cream [Whitening Care]

This one on the other hand had 0.5ml more than the pore minimizing serum of the same line which is enough to cover my face and also my my neck. It's also in a gel-like form but way thicker so it really made my skin feel supple and hydrated well thus I feel it's better applied at night before going to sleep.

12) BIONICS True Moist Multi-Purpose Solution

I don't have any special preferences for a contact lens multipurpose solution. being an everyday contact lens wearer, I've tried almost all brands and I haven't settle for a favourite brand. This one also is a typical multipurpose solution for all soft contact lenses that cleans, rinses, moisturizes, disinfects, lubricates and removes protein except that it's no rub type. I've used to rub solution on the contact lens before rinsing and storing them so it's kind of weird to me but it melts and removes the dirts well anyway.

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My Wedding Story - The Wedding Day (Part II) #najlaafir

السلام علىكم

So as promised, here comes the second part or to be precise the last part of my wedding story. Read the Part I here if haven't already :)

I've been asked why I don't post many of my wedding photos.. which I don't realize that! I was like, "huh??". oh yeah maybe I didn't after looking at my fb and ig feed haha. So due to that, today's post is going to be more of a pictorial one hehe. Let all the photos (which are a lotttttt, I even collaged some to reduce the numbers hehe) tell the story okay? :*

Photos credit: Pak Sam

Getting ready

Getting all dolled up in a meeting room in the Rumah Melaka building. No fitting room, no mirror in there. I just changed in there using like a partition wood to cover and I didn't get to like sort of 'monitor' my look while getting ready ^_^" I ended up with a hijab style that I don't like because people are doing it for me boo haha
Even right before the solemnization ceremony starts, I was busy fixing my hijab because I was uncomfortable and not feeling confident =_=
Lesson learnt, girl: Do as how you would usually do or you'll end up being like me.

I don't exactly remember how's the flower bouquet that I requested to Dyana but it was definitely not in those colours. haha. But being the so-not-fussy me (ahaks :P),  I just couldn't care less because it looked pretty too anyway hee.

Final look:

The solemnization set up is just in front of the main dais. I only get to see it that morning because the last time I saw the table and chairs weren't there. Loved how it turned out anyway :)
The gift trays from my side has already been arranged in front of the main dais before the groom's side arrived.

Gift trays from Afir's side arrived :)

Solemnization Ceremony

at that time I was having a very bad cough and being nervous made it even worse!! My eyes were all teary and that ruined my makeup that the standby girls from Jasayang had to come to the rescue fastt! haha!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحىم
and الحمد لله
I was officially Mrs Firdaus :*

After that there was this Lafaz Sakinah where the bride's parents were to read out the giving-away-responsibility speech. wuwuwuw. Sedih ooo haha. We promised not to cry on the supposed-to-be-a-all-happy-day but it was me whose voice trembled as I hold the tears hehe. 

We had quite a short vacant time to get ready between the solemnization and reception ceremony but a photo session is a must (even if we will have more time later during reception ceremony) haha! So we had a quick one :)

My in-laws :)

Some from my side :)

..and my clique! <3

Reception Ceremony

the bride's side waited to greet the groom's side at the stairs hehe

entering the hall with the accompaniment of kompang 

du'a by En. Ruzman

salam2 with family members (mostly with the elderly)


photo timeeeee!!

Outdoor Photoshoot

And that was my wedding day on the 28th of May, 2016. 
Thanks to everyone who came, give presents etc. 

and Thanks for reading!!
Lots of love,

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