HFW Nov 2011 - Day 1 - Leaders in Hijab

HIJABI FASHION WEEK (HFW) is finally here! yeayyy! :D

so, today's theme is 'Leaders in Hijab'. the leadership role that i would love to try is to be a CEO. hehe^^  i'd like to be one in the future. Aminnnnn! :)

so, my idea this time about working is to dress simply yet showing some elegance and sophistication. i would also dress for comfort thus less and less accessories would be better.

striped blouse - P&Co
chained belt - VOIR
skirt - BYN
ankle boot - VOIR

till then. will be posting more themed outfits this entire week :)

get inspired with other girls' outfit on Leaders in Hijab too, here!

  1. I like your outfit, specially the blouse! :) so cute!

  2. Niceee - Though personally I would put a cardigan on top - But it's still a really nice outift

  3. I LOVE the pop of colour in an otherwise neutral outfit. Well done!


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