Lokching |ad|

Planning to organize a party? or maybe a casual get together with family or friends? And thinking what can you eat together? or what to do together? I have a suggestion! You need lokching! haha!

Ever heard about lokching??

I never did until my friend, Zana actually sell this. Basically lokching is fish satay which originally is from Kelantan. readily skewered and all I need to do is to boil, deep fry or grill before eat it with the super tasty homemade hot sauce! Tell you what, the hot sauce is very impressive! Taste like thai chilli sauce but better! Personally, I prefer eat them grilled because they give a different taste or else they're more like 'keropok lekor'. 

because they're actually all precooked, it took only about 3 minutes to grill!

place your order now by contacting zana:

and happy eatingggggg!!
  1. Awesome. With the chilli sauce, triple awesome.

  2. Ade Errk satay ikan kena Cuba ni....

    1. Adaaaa. sedap sangat. Wardah dah teraiii sedap :)

  3. salam blogwalking. aishhh sedapnya sate ikan ni...tatau pulak namanya lokching. selalu panggil sate ikan je...rasa ala2 keropok lekor yang dibakar kan...hehe

  4. satay mmg bestt.. mkn plak dgn nasi himpit lg lahh


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