Last Minute Raya Treats (Kuih Raya) !!

Assalamualaikum! Happy 26th Ramadhan! Can't believe how fast time flies!! And Rayaaaaa is jusstttttt around the corner! 

Have you prepared your kuih raya?? My family and I, this year, we don't really spend much on kuih raya. We plan to cut the raya costs with the kuih raya. In other words, we don't have much kuih raya this year and all those kuih raya we have are diy-ed. Economy have no choice but to save and save.

So, I'm gonna share with you today, 2 types of the diy-ed kuih raya that we have which are extremely easy. I'm sure that many people will love it, especially you, the chocolate lover! *point finger* haha. I mean like, unless you're making business with kuih raya, why bother spend so much time making them. haha. I am THAT lazy. pfft! Hence why they are great for last minute preparation too; great additions to your kuih raya collection haha.

1) Pretzels 


the pretzels, of course. :P

chocolate compound or chocolate chips. you're going to melt it anyway, so it doesn't matter. there are so many types of chocolate; milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, even various flavoured chocolate, anything will do. 

and non-stick baking paper. 


melt your chocolate compund on the double boiler or using the microwave (if you have one) until it is completely liquidified.

then, dip the pretzels into the chocolate. (you can dip each pretzel just half or just throw all of the in the chocolate; the lazy Najlaa's style hahaha)
Tips: let the chocolate cool down just a little bit before dipping for the right consistency.

then, just leave them on the non-stick baking paper for about a few minutes until the chocolate hardened at room temperature or put them in the refrigerator (depending on the type of chocolate. some harden fast while some take so long)

practically, we're done!! they are good as they are. I swear it's one the easiest thing I have ever do in my life! haha. you better make it yourself!!

To make them look better, shape the edges for the neat finish. If you want them to look extra pretty, just sprinkle any kind of sprinkles you have. If you're using the strawberry flavoured chocolate you won't even need it but if you use like milk, dark or maybe white chocolate, sprinkles will definitely enhance the visual. huhuhu.

2) corn flakes

this, is I'm sure the must-have kind of kuih raya to most house. so, yeah, everything below is self explanatory. use the chocolate compound or honey, mix them until combined then put in the small paper cups with a little sprinkles on top. you can leave them like that or put into the oven for about 10 minutes for better adherence.

That's all for todayyy!
I'm so excited for raya, can you tell?! haha
Until next time, lovelies.
Thanks for reading!

  1. whoaa, mana beli mini pretzels tu? dekat melaka ada ke? ;w;;

    1. ada yunkkk. dekat kedai king hin namanya. area bukit cina ada 1 and dekat bukit piatu pun ada satu :)

  2. Pretzel tu jual kat kedai2 macam mana? kat supermarket ada ke?sebab tak pernah nampak...


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