A closer look to Vanquish Fat Loss Machine - Premier Clinic

Hot is the new cool! hehe

This is the second part of my exclusive review with Premier Clinic. Read the first part if you have not! hehe. 

Featuring the Vanquish Fat Loss treatment, this time we'll have a closer look to the machine!


About Vanquish Fat Loss treatment in short. 

Vanquish machine by BTL. 

This is the part where the RF (Radio Frequency) is emitted to the targeted body part. As you can see, it's shaped specially to fit parts like waist and thigh(!) (Y) (Y) :-

The machine is set by 2 settings which are the percentage of the frequency emissions and the power. Mine was 100% and 170W.

I'm done with the second treatment and 2 more sessions to go! looking forward to seeing the results! hehehehe. hopefully.. :P

Until next time! 


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