My Vanquish Fat Loss Treatment Journey with Premier Clinic !

Hello!! Assalamualaikum everyone!

If you're following my journey on getting rid of my thigh fat, here's to more of the story! hee.

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So.. I am done with my 3rd session! woots!

Finally! I'm seeing the results!! I lost 1cm. I know I know, that's not a lot, not at all. but to me, it's beyond amazing! I never know that my freaking-stubborn thigh fat can even decrease for even 1cm. hahaha. I kid you not, it's insanely stubborn considering that I do squad like everyday! (even if it's just for 10 counts, I would do it everyday). the thigh fat just won't reduce! and after seeing 1cm, I'm slowly becomes more positive than ever. It's like seeing a new light of way, you know. To be honest, I have always been skeptical about targeted treatment and hey, yes, you guessed it right, I'm now super positive! :P

To add on that, during the last session, after the Vanquish treatment, Dr Kee suggested that I would need a little helper treatment called Meso-Fat Injection to help break down more of the stubborn thigh fat cells. This treatment is expected to assist the Vanquish treatment so I can see more obvious result!!

Like a typical injection sessions, I was stung by few shots onto the part where I feel most fat lies so I showed anywhere bulging part on the thigh, if you know what I mean hehe.

Another 1 session to go!! Waaa! So excited! I know I would definitely be happy to see the results! *positive* :D

Update: To date, haven't really measure anything yet after the last session but I can really feel the difference! That bulging part is reducing! My skinny jeans doesn't feel TOO tight anymore. Does that mean..? wuuuu..! Wait for my update okay! :D

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