My Wedding Story - The Wedding Day (Part II) #najlaafir

السلام علىكم

So as promised, here comes the second part or to be precise the last part of my wedding story. Read the Part I here if haven't already :)

I've been asked why I don't post many of my wedding photos.. which I don't realize that! I was like, "huh??". oh yeah maybe I didn't after looking at my fb and ig feed haha. So due to that, today's post is going to be more of a pictorial one hehe. Let all the photos (which are a lotttttt, I even collaged some to reduce the numbers hehe) tell the story okay? :*

Photos credit: Pak Sam

Getting ready

Getting all dolled up in a meeting room in the Rumah Melaka building. No fitting room, no mirror in there. I just changed in there using like a partition wood to cover and I didn't get to like sort of 'monitor' my look while getting ready ^_^" I ended up with a hijab style that I don't like because people are doing it for me boo haha
Even right before the solemnization ceremony starts, I was busy fixing my hijab because I was uncomfortable and not feeling confident =_=
Lesson learnt, girl: Do as how you would usually do or you'll end up being like me.

I don't exactly remember how's the flower bouquet that I requested to Dyana but it was definitely not in those colours. haha. But being the so-not-fussy me (ahaks :P),  I just couldn't care less because it looked pretty too anyway hee.

Final look:

The solemnization set up is just in front of the main dais. I only get to see it that morning because the last time I saw the table and chairs weren't there. Loved how it turned out anyway :)
The gift trays from my side has already been arranged in front of the main dais before the groom's side arrived.

Gift trays from Afir's side arrived :)

Solemnization Ceremony

at that time I was having a very bad cough and being nervous made it even worse!! My eyes were all teary and that ruined my makeup that the standby girls from Jasayang had to come to the rescue fastt! haha!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحىم
and الحمد لله
I was officially Mrs Firdaus :*

After that there was this Lafaz Sakinah where the bride's parents were to read out the giving-away-responsibility speech. wuwuwuw. Sedih ooo haha. We promised not to cry on the supposed-to-be-a-all-happy-day but it was me whose voice trembled as I hold the tears hehe. 

We had quite a short vacant time to get ready between the solemnization and reception ceremony but a photo session is a must (even if we will have more time later during reception ceremony) haha! So we had a quick one :)

My in-laws :)

Some from my side :)

..and my clique! <3

Reception Ceremony

the bride's side waited to greet the groom's side at the stairs hehe

entering the hall with the accompaniment of kompang 

du'a by En. Ruzman

salam2 with family members (mostly with the elderly)


photo timeeeee!!

Outdoor Photoshoot

And that was my wedding day on the 28th of May, 2016. 
Thanks to everyone who came, give presents etc. 

and Thanks for reading!!
Lots of love,

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