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السلام علىكم

Today I want to share my current skincare routine which I have started a month ago religiously. I have come to the phase where everything needs to be done fast; well that includes my skincare routine of course haha. #mommyproblem. I have longgg left my favourite 10-steps skincare routine hehe. no time mannn. haha. This time, my routine is the must do 3-step.

FYI, I'm collaborating with All Young Swissvita Skinlab Malaysia this time.

These are the 3 main products of my skincare routine.

For the past goood one month, since I started these products, I didn't get a single pimple/acne! really!! I don't know if external factors affect this but as I know, I was using those products.

You can check out their website and products' description here too:-


Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream

Clean clean clean. It's the first vital step of a skincare routine. You need a clean base for good absorption of other skincare products later. Also, at least let you skin breathe freely from all the dirt you have on your face please! haha. This cleanser is the foam cream type that creates fine foam. it has no fragrance and is very gentle to the skin. It also leaves a clean feeling yet moisturizing. I really cannot bear with cleansers that stripped all of the oil. It will make my face feel very tight and dry -_-. So, this cleanser is good; it cleanses and moisturized the skin well at the same time. (Y)


Acne Solution Skin Balancing Toner

Toner is also important to prep your base for more skincare products. It also helps balance the pH level of your facial skin after the cleanser. In fact, some toner is also meant to further clean your skin. Depending on your facial skin needs. The toner that is also cleansing can be drying to some skin type like mine nowadays. So I prefer a toner like this which just meant to carefully medically prep your skin. This toner is a milky type. You have to shake well before use. I just my palm to apply; no cotton pad. Just tap onto the skin until it's absorbed. It is a very mild toner; gentle to skin and it leaves my face feeling soft and balanced. It has no fragrance too.


Acne Solution Serum

Different people (different skin) needs different kind of moisturization. As for myself, my skin type and condition changes accordingly to the environments factors etc. On most days, I only apply this serum as moisturizer. This serum feels more like a medicine to me haha maybe because there's a hint of medicine smell as I apply it. With a few small dots, I just rub it on my face until absorbed. However it is not very moisturizing to very dry skin like mine. So on days where I feel like my skin is more dry, I will at least layer an aloe vera gel on top for an extra moisture. If it's super more dry, I will layer with a more concentrated moisturizer. Let's talk about layering products in separate entry. hehe. I love layering products, fyi! XD

Acne free skin (for now but hopefully until forever haha)! yeay hehe.

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  1. Looked great... how was the feeling anyway? Was it cool when you applied it over?... it looked refreshing... macam best je masa tengok gambar tu... ;)


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