3 Easy Recipes with Canned Tuna

السلام علىكم
Hi Everyone!

Let's talk about food today hehe. 

Fun fact: Did you know that Ayam Brand Tuna now come in Organic?? woohoo. Double thumbs up! Introducing, their Tuna Flakes in Organic Broth and Tuna Chunks in Organic Olive Oil.

1) Tuna flakes in organic vegetable broth

2) Tuna chunks in organic extra virgin olive oil 

So I want to share with you 3 recipes of how you can include these canned tuna in your food. I promise they're very very simple and easy and delicious too! 

1) Egg Tuna Black Pepper Mayo Sandwich 

The food name explains it all haha. I named it myself and I'm just so bad at it :P

1) Tuna - Ayam Brand Tuna Flakes in Broth
2) Hard Boiled Egg
3) Black pepper mayonnaise - ready made the one I'm using is by Kewpie
4) Bread 
5) Lettuce

How to:-
Mix well ingredients (1), (2) and (3) and spread them on the bread with lettuce layered. Done! You can eat right away or you can cut them into triangles to serve to people - visual, girls. hehe

2) Tuna in Instant Noodles 

Add some twist to your regular boring instant noodle with tuna. Watching a lot of korean dramas / variety shows made me wanna try this and I glad I did! hehe.

1) Maggi Kari
2) Tuna - Ayam Brand Tuna Chuncks in Organic Olive Oil
3) any greens or sliced chilli or chilli sauce (if you like or if any in other words, if you can find it in your kitchen hehe)

How to:-
Cook your instant noodles and put the tuna and any condiments that you like such as ingredient (3) and voila! not-your-ordinary-instant-noodle done! I guarantee it taste like food that you put a lot of effort to cook. ^_^ 

3) Tuna Congee

This recipes sounds like a hard one but I swear this is the most easy recipe everrrrrrr!! The preparation takes hardly 3 minutes and all you need to do is wait while the rice cooker do its job haha. 

This is a perfect recipe when you're feeling poorly, need something simple, filling and easy to be digested.

1) Rice
2) Tuna - Ayam Brand Tuna Chuncks in Organic Olive Oil
3) Cukup Rasa flavouring

How to:-
Wash the rice, put a lot of water in (about 1:5 ratio), put the tuna in and put in Cukup Rasa. Wait for about 30minutes and it's done! Nyummyyyy!!

Happy Trying!
Thanks for reading!

  1. ni boleh cuba ni sbb macam mudah dan jimat masa kan :)

  2. Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!


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