HFW Nov 2011 - Day 6 - Date Night

what do you usually do during your date night? to me and my boyfriend, we always go for either a dinner or movie date.

so, for a date, i think it is better to dress up more femininely^^

pretty, sweet and cute. i'm trying to go that way hahahaha

well, i would like to add; DO NOT wear something that you are not comfortable with or something that would bother you 'cause it will annoy the man especially if you always wanted to look at the mirror. lol ;D and also, it will definitely makes you look like you don't have the confidence in yourself.

top - Old Blossom Box
jeans - Levi's
headband - Young accessories
heels - Sembonia
bag - unbranded

that's all. Thank You for reading! :))

click here for hfwnov2011-day6. get inspired girls! :)
  1. Good point! comfortable clothing is a must! masha Allah your outfit is very pretty dear~

  2. merahnya mak ngah.. haha

    cntik top.. =)



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