HFW Nov 2011 - Day 7 - Out with Friends

it's already the last day of hfw november 2011. T_T

today's theme is 'out with friends'. what do you usually do with your friends??

shopping, window shopping, catch a movie, eat out at restaurants, karaoke etc etc. oh i love my girls! we'll have soooo much fun while hanging out(!) :)

so, comfortable clothes is a must. also, i don't usually wears skirts or dresses when i go out with my friends since it will definitely going to be a long walk with them; we'll going up and down the shops like ten times! lol :P

top - Old Blossom Box
jeans - Levi's
heels - Carlo Rino
handbag - Sembonia
necklace - Parkson accessories
bow hair clip (pinned at the necklace) - accessories

hfw nov 2011 day 7 looks here

end of HFW November 2011. till then! thank you so much everyone! :))
  1. Very cute - Well done and good lUCK!

  2. hehe comel love the polka dots top!
    hehe..btw u r most welcome to check mine in here ok.. ^^



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