HFW May 2012 - Day 1 - Hijabis in leadership roles

Hijabi Fashion Week is here again! :)

though it's already been my third time joining hfw, i'm still excited! :D

and againnnn, the first day of hfw's theme is all about leadership or work wear and since i'm still a student (will be a student for 3 more years until graduation T_T ), i'm running out of ideas! :P

click here for my hfw may 2011 - Day 1 (Work Wear) look and here for my hfw nov 2011 - Day 1 (Leaders in Hijab) look 


so, this is what i came out for today's theme :)

Shirt (worn inside) - SUB Zero
Chiffon Leopard Blazer - Old Blossom Box
Maxi skirt - BYN
Belt - my sister's :P
Bag (my mum's) - BONIA

sorry about the small car. this is my car that i've been using everyday to class :P

till then! i'll have to back to study. i'll be having final exams in a week! #sigh
wish me luck ^^

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  1. This is definitely a power outfit! Channel the cheetah in your (future) leadership role :P

    Thanks for joining us again for Hijabi Fashion Week!

    ♥ Wafa of LoveHFW.com

  2. The colours of your outfit are really awesome!

  3. Salam. Good view of future leadership outfit, dear. All the best for ur exams and this HFW as well..

  4. Cheetah print never fails to work! Love it sis!


  5. Your outfit shows you confidence... Just love it

  6. Love the print on that blazer and the bag! A really good look :)

  7. mmg betul2 look for kja nie.. hehe,,

    hye, visit my blog for first day 2.. =)


  8. When I look at thijs outfit, I think POWER!! well done sis


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