Beauty Products Samples: WHY do we need them and HOW to get them

i am THAT kind of person who is always more attracted to freebies/free gifts/goodies/anything like it hehehe. i'm a sucker especially for beauty products or samples.

my collection.. haha..
they are the products i haven't use or i'm currently using


we always need a product samples especially those high end products. you should ALWAYS try them first before you splurge on them. of course you don't want to regret buying something real expensive, do you? not all expensive stuff are good. 

so, the same approach should also be used for the not-so-expensive products. after all, money is money. make sure you spend your money wisely i.e for something worth the price

because those freebies always come in mini sizes, they will come handy especially when you're travelling. you can always have it kept inside your handbag because they don't take a lot of space!

you never know when you might need to use it.

let me give a scenario, for example, when you go shopping all day long, you need to perform your prayer, you need to wash off the make up using cleanser and you need to at least apply sunscreen or bb cream afterwards. seeeee you got my point? haha

or maybe when you're run out of your products and have no time to go shopping or maybe you don't have enough money to buy them yet?? yes, this is the time when you realize that these samples are your life saviour haha. i'm not even exaggerating. it's the truth! >_<



FEMALE / CLEO  magazine.

sometimes, the magazine come with product samples or they even have some kind of coupons in it that you need to present at beauty counters in order to get the samples. it has always been beneficial if you buy these kind of magazine. so when they have it, don't miss the chance! hehe

Female Mag Sept Issue


don't forget to always ask for free gifts or samples at any beauty counter / sephora whenever you buy something. trust me, they are kind enough to give you any samples. hehe. in fact, if you're not buying anything, you can try ask them if they can give you the samples. yes, it works for me a few times already haha. or maybe if you're a member or you are a regular customer, there is always special treat especially when it's your birthday month.

disclaimer: i'm not promoting anything. i'm just sharing this for fun.

Thanks for reading! heeee :)

  1. samelah kite youuu, hehe. but sometimes cocky BA can be annoying kot. tau lah studentt. huhu

    1. memangggg! BA bajet sangat. memang kena buat dek je kadang2 haha


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