How to make block letters in the simplest way and DIY keep calm board

well hi! it's still the beginning of the semester and everybody's like (oh maybe just me haha) is figuring out "how can i organize my things better, how to be and stay motivated, how to keep myself up with all the classes, assignments etc etc."

and soo in order to achieve those aims, here's my attempt!

decorating my pin board is done!

haha. well yeah. do not underestimate the power of your pin board! >_<
it's something that we see everyday and it does affect you.
besides, in my college's room, the board is provided for each of the student so why not utilize it.

and yes as you can see, i diy-ed the famous keep calm board.
well technically it's not a board. it is more like a poster or so and pinned it on a board. bummerrrrr haha

i know these days you can just print out the keep calm quote but i still believe that a diy-ed version wins the heart more.

that's what i want to share today, how i made it.

i remember when i was a kid, struggling to make block letters. yes, it needs a skill to make them. it takes time to develop the skill. it's even harder for a not artistic kind of person like myself.

but here's the trick to do them it a simpler and quicker way.

all you need is just a coloured paper and a correction tape! just roll it over like how you would normally write those letters and done! as simple as that.

or if you want the letters to stand out more (and you have more free time ;P), you can use a sharpie to outline the letters. 

easy peasy! 

and do not worry if it's not perfect. we are no robot or computer. it's those imperfections that will make your work is more unique.

let's bring out the artistic-inner-self in everyone! haha

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