Hot Buttermilk Chicken ! - How to

Assalamualaikum! Good Day everyoneeee!

I'm suddenly craving for buttermilk chicken T_T and then I remember I have the recipe draft entry when I last made it. 

do you like buttermilk chicken?? if you do, you'll know exactly the problem when eating it; you can't have it too much. it will make you 'muak', feeling sick if you eat a lot. haha. hence, here's the twist to how you can enjoy it fully heeee. 

super simple, the key is to make it super hot (only if you can stand the heat) or just hot by including small chillis (not cili padi, I just don't know what kind of cili it is but you'll see the them in a picture below) in the recipe.

I'll show you step by step tutorial and I swear, it tastes heavenly delicious (if and only if you like buttermilk flavour hehe)

Firstly, cut chicken meat into bite sizes. To give additional flavours and texture to the chicken, I fried them briefly after lightly coated them with egg and the seri aji spicy flour mix.

set the chicken aside and prepare the ingredients as below:
garlics, small chilli and curry leaves. 

melt some butter

and saute all the ingredients in the butter. okay maybe you need to saute them one by one, I don't know, but I don't care. haha. 

then, add ingredients below:
some evaporated milk and a little mozarella cheese

adjust the flavour with some salt and tadaaaaa! done!!

that's all for today!
thanks for reading!

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