Kids' Birthday Gifts Tips and Tricks

side note: Long Overdue Entry >_<

It was Baby's birthday (I know I'm supposed to call her by name by now but I'm just so much in denial about my lil' sister growing up. she's already 9! T_T) and I was very broke at that time hahaha but I still manage to prepare Baby a gift(s). 

Here's to 3 simple tips and tricks for a low budget presents for kids:-

1) prepare more than 1 presents. it's about the quantity. I remember the best part of my childhood birthday besides the birthday cake was to unwrap the presents from mama(!) they don't have to be expensive at all. if you really want to cut the cost, buy a set of something, for example, stationaries, wrap them separately. that's how you can easily increase the quantity hehe.

2) put gifts into a larger box that can fit them all. pull some gimmicks. haha. you know Russian dolls? a.k.a matryoshka doll which a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other..? I have always been fascinated with that doll and I know kids do too. it keeps us anticipating. that's how you apply the idea. make kids anticipate and be excited for everything you have prepared.

3) give a meaningful birthday card. of course, preferably DIY-ed. but if you have no time to make one (like I did), haha, you can easily find cool cards in bookstores these days. 
like this one for instance, is meant for a princess-like birthday girl like Baby because it has a crown inside the card and all we have to is to detach it from the card and attach a string (or in our case, I attached ribbon from the gift wraps) to it and she can instantly became a princess hahahahaha XD

andddd That's it! heee

Thanks for reading! :)
Until next time :)

p/s: dear Baby, (which I know she's reading. in fact, she's my loyal blog reader hehhehe)
sorry for the so-so birthday presents. wait till kakak is officially an engineer (which is InsyaAllah very soon kan?), I'll sure to buy you more exciting stuff, okay? Be a good girl! Kakak loves you sooooo muchh! 

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