How I deal with Breakouts !

If you're born with the clear-skin genes, be grateful!! I'm so jelous! Because to me, if you want a pretty skin, it takes a lot of hardwork. Because my family have a history of bad acne skin, I started to be concern about my skin care ever since I was 13 (though at that time there was nothing like oh-so-fancy kind of skincare like serum or essence, just a facial cleanser makes the differences).

However, quite recently, I have to deal with massive breakouts. (Warning: MASSIVE). The last time I had this kind of breakouts was when I was in highschool. This time, my forehead was all bumpy and red; gross!! Even people around me kept asking what has happened to my face; some even thought I get chicken pox! haha ^_^" Acnes can be caused by various factors (acnes on different parts on the face caused by different reasons). For my recent situation, I would blame the imbalance hormone, the stress, and lack of a lot of sleep because of studies (screw you fyp and exams). 

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p/s: It was soooo hard to get the same lightingggggg!! but I believe you can see the differences anyway because it's so obvious haha. 
Disclaimer: To date, still is not flawless but okay laaaa. doesn't look so gross anymore. haha. it still is ongoing effort for me.  

So, what did I do when dealing with it is something that I believe will help some of you too!

  1. De-stress
    First thing first, what I need is take a step back and relax. I correct my biological clock (sleep early at night), put everything aside for a while, listen to soothing music, go to spas, get body massage, etc basically everything that can induce a calm state of mind. 

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  2. Drink a lot of water
    I call this "the boring tips". haha. However, you have to admit that drinking helps a lot! The best way to detox yourself is by drinking enough water. Sufficient water (plain water is good enough but detox water like water with lemon is a plus) is necessary to flush out toxins that causes the acne accumulated in the body.

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  3. Always tie my hair back
    If you don't already know, hair can cause acne. It's because of the oil, dust, etc that hair collects. Read more about it here. Therefore, it's best to keep your hair away from your face. Especially, that fringe, pin it up! 

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  4. Spot treat the pimples
    My favourite spot treatment product by far is this by Clinelle Blemish Clear gel. Or, colgate can too do the job. It reduce the bumpiness and dries up the acnes.

  5. Do not pick your acne!
    Unless you're as expert as a beautician at picking pimples, please do not diy! If you're not hygienic enough or maybe you used the incorrect method, not just it will leave you ugly scars, it might also get infected and makes you break out even more! Therefore, I would definitely recommend those who have extra money to go to beauticians. Just a simple extraction session would do. 

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  6. Avoid touching the face
    you hand-deliver the germs you’ve picked up from touching. Unless you wash your hands every time you use your phone, keyboard, or doorknob, don't touch your face to reduce the risk of infection. 

  7. Consume vitamins C and E
    Monitoring diet is vital because for example, high sugary food affects our oil glands and the growth of pore-clogging cells. Eat a lot of food that contains vitamins which are great for skin like vitamin C and E. you may take additional vitamins too! Shoutout for Dian'z vitamin for being so convenient to help clear skin with acnes (because it contains vitamin C and E). and it works wonders toooo!!

    If you're interested to buy this, you can contact my junior, Huda at +6010-4627371 !
  8. Clean all make up tools
    Washing your makeup brushes should be a regular part of your beauty routine; not only when you get breakouts. bits of makeup, oil, dirt, and even bacteria get trapped in the bristles. so, use clean makeup brushes everytime you're dolling up!

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  9. minimize the application of make up
    let your skin breath. if you don't feel the need to put on makeup (for example just staying at home or maybe just going to the grocery store in your neighbourhood), then don't. If you went out for shopping, as soon as you reach home, the first thing you need to do is to clean the face. give it time to heal. That's how you can reduce the 'congestion'.

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  10. skin care routine addition/changing
    to those who gets breakouts because of skincare products, or maybe feel doubt about a particular product you're using, immediately stop using it. as an addition to skincare routine, you might want to include a serum targetting acne problems if you haven't already. anyway, keep track of what you're using to make sure they're suitable for you.
    Because there are so much great reviews about this argan oil by mora essential, I decided to give it a shot. so far, I'm loving it too because it soothes my skin!
  11. Avoid scrubbing
    scrubbing can be a little too harsh for acne skin. especially if the exfoliator you're using is not fine enough. it might irritate the skin. If you usually exfoliate twice a week, reduce to once a week or once every 2 weeks is enough too, to ensure you don't irritate or maybe cut the acne.

  12. Avoid taking dairy products
    I am not quite sure about this but, I have heard several times that dairy products actually promotes acne? But some also said dairy products like milk soothe acnes. I don't know but I avoid them anyway and it seems like it works.

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I know exactly the different feelings when your skin is behaving and when it's rebelling. Having a clear smooth skin definitely boost your self confidence. Nevetheless, apart from making all these efforts, it is also important to be patient. Time heals everything, remember? haha. and life's too short to be stress over acnes! Embrace your imperfections; that's how you're going to feel good about yourself. Smileeee!! :)

Thanks so much for reading!
Until next time! 

  1. This is actually a really good post!! and omg, look at all those acne almost clearing up after a week. I agree that acne skin should avoid scrubbing, sebab nanti kan the cyst pecah, lagi lah merebak kat other part of the face kan. I've tried the Clinelle Blemish Clear gel! But unfortunately it didn't work on me, so I tukar to NuTeen spot treatment. :)

    ieyra h. | blog

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