Simple, Cheap and Easy DIY Gerbera Daisies Bouquet for Wedding/Engagement

How much do bride usually spend for her hand bouquet?? It could take hundreds of ringgit! If you could could afford it, then why not? but, if you want to save some budget, well, hi, to the brides out there, I can help you out! just like how I did to my bestfriend during her wedding! haha. 

cute gerbera daisies hand bouquet by yours truly :P

Hand bouquet is not really a must-have in a wedding (at least not in Malay weddings). It's more like an 'eye candy', makes photos look better and help the brides feel at ease and less awkward haha. It's so easy to be diy-ed and it won't take long, too! Now everyone can diy! hehe.


1 stalk of gerbera daisy = +-RM3 (standard price. it could get slightly more expensive or cheaper)

10 stalks of gerbera daisies = 10x3 = RM30 (Depending on the size of the daisies too, if it's medium then 10 stalks are enough for a bouquet. you could add a few more for a bigger bouquet)

because the daisies' stem is soft, you can ask the florist to poke a wire from the floral disk (center of the daisy) to the stem without extra charges. hehe. 

only if you don't already have it:-
florist stem tape = +-RM3 (you are not going to use all of it, of course) 

wide satin ribbon (preferably more than 4") = +-12 (will not be used all, too)

Total Cost = +-RM45 only!!!


1) arrange the gerbera daisies (make them into something like a half a sphere)

2) wrap the stems tightly once you're happy with the arrangement. (p/s: amateurs might need a friend's (or a brother's) help haha. Thank You, Arab! :P)

3) Make sure you take into account on how long you want the stem before cutting it off so that it can be held/gripped nicely. 

4) Wrap the stem with ribbon! 

5) Done!! Get married now! hahaha

Thanks for reading!

Until next time!!


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