Everything GREEN - 2015 Reviews

Lately, I have noticed that I own many things green in colour; which is weird because I never have any interest in green before haha. Don't get me wrong okay. It's not that it is not a pretty colour, but, before, I always reach for everything pink or maybe purple no matter what flavour or what kind of thing it is. haha.

But now, green things are seen everywhere like, my bathroom, my makeup drawer and my office drawer.

So, perhaps, it's the aging effect which is making me like change ^_^" I mean, green in colour stuff are usually great! great flavours, great scents, great ingredients etc! (Y) (Y)

Here's to the brief review of EVERYTHING GREEN ! ^^^

1) Ginvera Green Tea Body Shower Gel and Scrub

This, almost made it to my empties list (obviously) which apparently happens most of the time! It's my all time favourite!  I just love all of the scents this range has to offer but by far, Green Tea scent is my no 1 pick; calming, soothing and very spa-like hee. I swear the scent lingers all day long! So, it's perfect to be used all of as a daily body wash and scrub since the exfoliating beads are quite fine and not so harsh too.

2) Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam

Shall I say more about the green tea scent? haha. Man, I am head over heels with green tea scents! can you tell? :P Suit it's name, this facial cleanser is very foamy; cleans the face thoroughly. however it can be quite stripping dry especially if you have dry skin but I use after using facial oil so it works just fine for me :)

3) Nivea Pure & Natural Cleansing Toner

Toner is an important product to prep the skin after cleansing before putting on the fancy fancy products on your face. Therefore, I prefer to have a cleansing toner which do the prep-ing and further cleansing, 2-in-1. I am a little on the fence about this product. It works just okay; do the job but nothing so great about it. Will I buy again? I prefer to try in new products.

4) DKNY Be Delicious Perfume

This, was a birthday present from my family. Perhaps, this is my family's favourite scent. Mama has finished few bottles of this and other kind of dkny be delicious range. How can you not love a perfume that makes you smell like a delicious fresh apple all day!

5) Premier Colours Vibrant Tissue Paper

Tissues do not come in just the boring white anymore! Premier has always been my favourite tissue brand because it's much softer than any other tissue brands and I am loving it more with the new idea of coloured tissues! Cool! I got a packet of this for free. Not sure if they have this in boxes. If they do, I'll definitely buy it!

6) Listerine Natural Green Tea Antiseptic Mouthwash

I've always known that Listerine is good for your mouth's health but I can't stand the taste of it especially the yellow one! But now with this green tea flavoured, gargling is now a lot easier to me haha. 

7) Benefit The POREfessional Face Primer

I wouldn't have to say much about this well-known-as-great product. Who would not know the wonder this product do; hide your pores so perfectly, smoothen the skin as perfect base for the foundation and makes your face smells sooo good etc etc etc hehe

8) Kotex Fresh Plus Liner

don't ever forget your v-care essential! this panty liners are good to keep your v-area fresh, clean and free from infections! 

9) Gaviscon

If you a sensitive stomach like I do, you'd better keep this with you all the time! I call this my emergency saviour. By only having this in my handbag then I feel all better haha.

10) Chu Lips Lipbalm
This green cute chulip lipbalm is my most favourite flavour of all chulips! it's even better than the pink one (which i always bias towards). the lime scent makes your lips feeling fresh. with the mint sensation, perfecto! :*

11) Green Tea Kit Kat

I first knew about this kit kat long ago when watching one of Michelle Phan's videos. Then, I always saw this in other youtubers' japan haul video! Like really often!! That was how I develop the crave towards this snack! So, when I know that Malaysia now also sell this green tea kit kat, I was sooo excited!! it's even better because i don't have to worry about the Halal status! thumbs up for that!

12) Starbucks Green Tea Cream Frappé

Last but not least is this my all time fav green tea cream frappé! I only order this these days. I'll blame my senior engineer for this haha. Well, of course, the photo above is when Starbucks come out with the green tea panna cotta which taste so heavenly! I like it better than the usual Green tea cream frappé! too bad it's a seasoal kind! T_T

Tastes so good especially when barista is being extra generous with the whipped cream :* Being in front of a PC with thousands of codes will not feel as hard. :PPP

Until next time!
  1. green tea kitkat and the greentea starbucks.... <3

  2. Omg, most of my skincares kt bathroom tu pun green jugak! xD Cleansers from Simple lah, ST Ives Green Tea cleanser & scrub, Freeman Avocado Mask.. Semua hijau! haha

    ieyra h. | blog


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