Raya/Eid 2015 #ootd


It's Friday! TGIF! haha. 

I'm suddenly reminiscing Raya hence this post :P

I've been very very busy for the past few months T_T that I can't even do many of the things I enjoy, well that includes blogging too, of course.. so I hope this pictorial post would make up a little bit of the lost time. 

Raya (eid-ul fitr and eid-ul-adha) were how many months back already? haha. :P :P :P just assume that i missed the train :P

Modern Kurung : custom made
Shawl : by Asyikin Exclusive
Bag : Vincci
Wedges : Nicci

peach + mint green / seafoam green is probably the most popular colour combo this year!! Saw at least 3 other families chose this colour combo for raya as well. hehe. 

For my family and I, our outfit (for both Raya) was just a simple plain modern kurung with prada border lace.

I would give credits to the reasons behind why my family and I get so many compliments; which is this pretty shawl! 

This shawl is like really meant for us haha. Found this shawl while shopping just right on raya eve.

With the lovely and matching floral print, it totally brighten up the overall look.

no #ootd for guy in this post. my brother's tooooo shy to let me upload his full pic haha. 
anyway, he's wearing a peach coloured sampin that matches our lace :)

That's all for today!
Have a nice weekend everybody!!

  1. omg semua boria samaaa like ma family hihihi tak phm dgn org yg taknak pakai baju sama like exactly with family members i mean its kewl ok hahahah


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