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So by today you should have known or at least heard of the latest delivery slash courier platform called SENDelivery or as I would consider it more like your personal helper! If you haven't, that's a real bummer huuuu. 

Okay, just a brief introduction; SEND is a delivery platform that is an application-based which is now available on iOS and Android! Cool, right?! To ask for your stuff to be sent or to be received is now can be so easily done; just at your fingertips! huuu. 

When I was first told and briefed about SEND, I get very impressed with the idea of delivering everyday goods faster and easier like for example, you left something at a friend's place and both you and your friend are very occupied with work and personal life that you don't even have time to see each other again. So let SEND to get the thing returned to you. Less time travelling on your own! How convenient! Time is money, girl! 

The charge for the delivery by SEND is reasonably cheap and affordable. You get to pick SENDer that bid the lowest charge. Yes, you get to pick the choices of price yourself based on the SENDer. Also, price varies with type of vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars, vans and lorries which can be choose based on your good's size. Then, with SEND's live GPS system, you will be able to monitor the SENDer movement when the job is in progress. how more convenient can it be?!

live tracking!

Oh! so now everybody can be SEND's SENDer, if you have clean record like with the police, interpol, etc etc! I think it's a very good part time job to earn extra income especially if you're a freelancer or a student. Like, whenever there is a delivery request, SEND will notify every SENDer, then if you're free at that time, near the area, just why not? extra moneyyyyy~ hee

Global Ambassador of SEND, Jorge Lorenzo!!!

This delivery platform is a Malaysian product, ftw! founded by a young Malaysian entrepreneur, Dato' TP Chin; he started the business after identifying the trend and lifestyle. Let's support local product!

Unfortunately SEND has only started operation in Klang Valley area for the time being, fyi. I believe it won't take long before this app expended it's operation to all over Malaysia! :)

Give it a try and experience the conveniences!! 


Thanks for reading!!

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