Milk at Breakfast with Dutch Lady !

So, if you've been following me on social media, you would have noticed that I was on this one week breakfast challenge with Dutch Lady. It was a complete 7-day challenge! I get to properly plan the most difficult question ever which is what to eat..? haha. even now my collegue call me the dutch lady and always ask if I have taken my milk every morning :P It was a fun week indeed. Thanks Dutch Lady! :) In fact, it's even more fun to see what my other blogger friends eat. Food photos are always candy to the eyes right. hashtag #foodporn hehe.

Despite all those photos, I believe not all of you know the main purpose of this challenge that was held be Dutch Lady; why is it is important to have milk at breakfast..??

My Breakfast Routine

If you ask what is my usual breakfast routine.. well.. to tell you the truth.. it really depends on my mood and circumstances. I have had moments when I really can't live without breakfast; and have to take heavy breakfast and after some times, it changed. I turned into someone who take only light breakfast and after that I became a person who skip breakfast and take brunch. haha. crazy roller coaster self, right? But as for now, every weekdays morning, I will either have breakfast on the goi.e on the way to office or I'll eat whatever food I have first things first when I arrived office. hehe. So far, no skipping breakfast! phew! hehe. And milk..? hmm.. it has never been included during breakfast nowadays. -_-" bummerrrrrrrr huhu


Goodness of milk

From biology subject I learned in school, I knew that milk is a great source of protein and calcium. Protein for the growth and development of bones, muscles and tissues while calcium is for denser healthier bones, teeth and muscle tissue. Basic knowledge 101. 
However, that is not all! Milk actually packs more than just protein and calcium but it also contains a range of other essential nutrients like Vitamins A, B, C and D, Manganese, Phosphorus, Selenium etc.

But sad fact guys, 
The average calcium intake among Malaysian adults is below 50% of the recommended nutrient intake !!! whattttttt!

So, what do you think is wrong with that..? I mean, of course, it is obviously a wrong situation but how did it becomes so wrong. No wonder many of us Malaysians, suffer from weak teeth, curved spine, osteoporosis etc etc, you yourself can name it all, right..? huuuu. Basically it's back to our unhealthy culture. Many of us stop or drink lesser and lesser milk as we grow older *that includes me of course*. So reflect yourself and start taking really care of or body by drinking more milk; at least enough amount needed by body which is told to be 2 serving a day. That's not so hard right. I feel like, it is not at all!

Importance of having milk at breakfast

Also, to fix this problem is actually so easy. Simply include at least a glass of Dutch Lady PureFarm milk in the morning at breakfast pumps at least 275mg of calcium into the body and majorly helping you to meet your daily calcium requirement!! Incorporate it at breakfast, too, will boost your nutritional intake and uplift breakfast meals because your body has been fasting overnight, girl. You got to helps the body regulate itself with a good breakfast baverage, That answers the major objective of Dutch Lady's breakfast challenge! XD

Drink more milk okay! hehe.

Last but not least, beofre I end this entry, let's follow me on the journey of my 7 days milk at breakfast challenge with Dutch Lady! Toodles! XOXO

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