Ice Cool Facial Treatment with Pink Passion Signature Saloon

It's been a while!!

heee. I'm back after getting a super cool facial treatment by the Pink Passion Signature Saloon. Thanks The Butterfly Project as well as Pink Passion Signature Saloon. (Y) (Y) 

Coming to this saloon reminds me how much I love pink! haha. It sure did. The interior is all pink and I'm loving it. <3

Hey, did I mention the facial treatment was cool? Yes! It's literally cool as in cold! :P
The name of the treatment is called Ice Cool Facial. It is a very new treatment by Pink Passion Saloon which I am fortunate to be one of the first customers to try it.

What makes me feel that this Pink Passion Saloon is so special is that they don't sell facial treatments just for the sake of selling, but they only do treatment that match the customer's skin condition and problem. Like for example, they would like me to try on their new LED facial treatment but unfortunately my facial's skin too thin and that treatment might not be a good idea to try. So, I get to try this Ice Cool treatment instead since my face looks all tired and dull T_T *blame the workload haha*. a customized treatment? how special!! *clap clap*

Fun fact:
Did you know?
A cold shower can improve your blood circulation.
Yup! Ice cubes and cold showers have been known to have anti-aging and beauty effects.

Ice causes minimal skin contractions which tighten up the skin, so, if you have fine lines that are related to laxity, they might reduce with ice treatments. If you're above 25 years old, you sure need to go for more anti-aging things *gasp. that includes me. I reached silver jubilee already T_T* 

Oh yes, besides the lifting and soothing a tired skin and Ice Cooling treatment also helps minimize the appearance of enlarged pores underneath make-up, so the foundation looks smoother as well.

The Ice Cool Facial Treatment starts with the normal cleansing etc and extraction. Then, you'll start your ice cool treatment woots^^

Ice Cooling treatment performed by using Ice Cooler sticks which are handheld devices filled with water and gel, which require refrigeration prior to use and work by simply gliding it across your skin. They have similar effects as ice on the skin and are also ideal for soothing bruises, reducing inflammation and redness after a peel or facial.

This procedure takes like 20 minutes to finish!

After that, the skin is pampered with more coldness of facial mask.

Their facial masks are chilled in a refrigerator and then placed on the face have a similar effect on the skin as ice does. They usually contain some amounts of topical and antioxidants for therapeutic effect. Such masks are good for soothing the skin after hot treatments like lasers, peels and IPL. It’s not a treatment in itself, just a really good tool to soothe hot or inflamed skin.

Too cold?! Of course it's freezing cold. but it somehow is very soothing hence you see me soundly asleep hehehehe. it's really cooling me down after a stressful day. 

And done!

My 1-hour Ice Cold Facial Lift Treatment done!

Thanks Pink Passion Saloon! I'm loving my 'young' skin! younger than ever!^^ hee

Until next time, readers!


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