Tips and Tricks: Nude Matte Liquid Lipstick

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Hello there!
Happy Sunday!

Let's have a makeup talk today! hehe.
the topic today is the trending matte liquid lipstick or some call with a fancier name like lip cream with a matte finish etc etc. hehe. 

It's crazy to see more and more brands (and new brands) are producing this type of lippie; literally like 'cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan'. haha. there comes my malay proverb ^_^". I guess people also like it because, one, it's long lasting, two, it's great pigmentation is a good bonus since you get to save a lot of the product and third, since this lippie dry and set on your lips well, there's little to no transfer happen! 

To be honest, I am so behind this trend. haha. It's because I am not very much a fan of matte lippie. I prefer a glossy or at least a little bit moisturized lips look. However I refused to be outdated haha or I don't deserve to be called a beauty blogger. :P Sooo with that being said, here's my first two matte lip cream from NYX and they are in nude and nude pink! 

Gorgeous nude indeed, but, it's a bit tricky applying it. Here's to how you can get the perfect nude matte lips look!  

Type of makeup

This is rather a personal preference. I find that matte lips suits an overall matte look;  the Korean dewy or watery look don't really match it.

Prep your lips

Chapped or flaky lips often makes the a matte lips look gross! Especially because over the time, the lips get drier and drier and the colour of the lippie will set to the lines of the lips. 

So, beforehand, be sure to scrub the lips. 

A toothbrush can be the simplest way to scrub the dead skin off your lips. 

Or, you can have like a quick treatment for the lips using sugar and honey. They make a great scrub and mask combo not just for the skin but for lips too! 

Then, moisturize using a lip balm. 

sidenote: Drink a lot of water for pretty,  well hydrated lips throughout the day! 

My current go-to everyday makeup look with the all prepped lips for the matte lip cream ehheeheh.


Dab the excess lip balm to the back of your hand then you can apply it straight from the tube. It needs a precise application especially at the edge of the lips. make use of your concealer for a crisp line! hehe.

or.. Enhance the nude lippie colour with a lip tint! 

my lips are naturally pale. so a nude lip colour can make me look washed out!! and i found out that a lip tint can become a saviour! hehe. 

I used this glossy blaster tint from too cool for school...

... and it really makes a difference! 

all done! ^^

YEAY I can now enjoy wearing matte liquid lipstick hehe. I am currently on the move of collecting and searching the best one. Tell me your favourite because I wanna try them all! hehe

Thanks for reading! 
Until next time!

  1. Me neither! I don't like lipsticks/liquid lipsticks that much! I used to wear lip glosses all the time but sekarang lagi malas, so I just put on some balm. Sekarang Malaysia pun banyak gilaaaa brands yang keluarkan liquid lipstick, pening kepala nak beli yang mana satu!

    ieyra h. | blog

  2. Wet & wild matte lips best guna huhu.

  3. Wet & wild matte lips best pakai huhu


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