My First Pregnancy Journey

السلام علىكم
Good Dayyyyy!

This would my first ever post about my pregnancy, the journey towards being a mommy, if Allah wills it. انشاءالله :)

Being pregnant is indeed a wonderful journey and I can't be thankful enough that I get this opportunity to feel/experience it <3 Every moment is so beautiful, memorable and worth cherished all my life <3

First Trimester

To me, this was a confusing phase. I was like, oh.. I'm pregnant? It felt so surreal. :P

Also, due to me not having any morning sickness symptom (so lucky, I know, Alhamdulillah), I even forget that I'm pregnant most of the time sometimes. hehe. Nevertheless, I was very much careful with whatever I am doing.

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The oh-so-noob mommy and daddy to be <3
It's funny how 'more pregnant' my husband looked than me kekeke :P

Self UPT test

So this was my first time ever using the pregnancy test. Even this testing thingy was bought by mama. I guess she already sensed something no matter how much I said no way :P

So clear double lined haha ;D 

Then I went to my office's in house clinic to confirm this pregnancy and Alhamdulillah it's not a misleading self upt check hehe. 

Pregnancy Apps

These are the 2 applications that helps me throughout this journey. Even this was told by my friend Amy to install. I didn't know this kind of apps even exist before! haha. Basically both apps serve the same thing; like the dos and don'ts, baby's development tracking etc but the contents are slightly different so I just installed both because why not haha. I tell you, they are both very helpful and informative! especially for a noob mommy to be like myself :P

First scan

We waited till I reached 7weeks before I go to the clinic for a scan. the 'fetus' was as small as a blueberry at this time but we can already hear the heartbeat!! you have no idea how wonderful that feeling when I first heard them. It was like something's saying "hi mommy!" hehe. that moment, I was like, "omg this is real. I'm really having a thing living inside of me; I'm having a babyyyyy!!" :') Alhamdulillah..

Register at KKIA

This pink book is the most important thing a pregnant mommy has to have. You will get it when you register your pregnancy at a government's clinic. The doctor at the clinic where I did the first scan told me that it's usually advisable to go when your pregnancy exceeds 3 months because before that, you are still very much vulnerable to miscarriages. 

The first time I went to the KKIA, I only get to make appoinment on when I should come for the registration -_-" and afir and I already took a day off specially for it. sighh. I should've called first. Apparently, they have special day and time of operation etc. I'm not sure if it's just the KKIA I went or all KKIA is the same. Also, I was told to bring documents like
1) a copy husband's and wife's IC
2) a copy of marriage certificate (sijil nikah)
for the registration.

Second Trimester

2nd trimester is the so-called easy pregnancy phase and I just couldn't agree more. It's because you basically don't feel as hard yet, at least I did not, still of my original size with same energy level hehe.


Yes, I started to prepare the baby's essentials during my 2nd trimester. too early? I don't know. It could be me being overexcited hehe. but I think it's a good idea to start preparing early because as I said, this is an easy phase. I was still very energetic and active and strong hehe so, I get to carefully choose what I want instead of getting 'just anything' or having other people choose for me :P

I had quite a number of shopping sessions, fyi but I'm not going into details of my hauls here but will be in a separate post :)

Warehouse sale

I also didn't miss to go to a baby's stuff's warehouse sale when my colleague told me about it. It wasn't really a wise decision because I haven't have the precise list of what I should buy, yet. I told Afir "let's have a taste of how a so-called baby's stuff sale is like". hahaha. 

@ Kg Jawa

soooo many people!!! no aircond no fan = sweat like a pig hahaha
even the line to the pay counter.. T_T

look how 'happy' my husband looked XD

It was a very memorable (in a bad way) first experience that my husband is now soooo traumatic hahaha. I bet he wouldn't want to go to any warehouse sale ever again :P

Third Trimester

..and here comes the hardest phase of pregnancy. by this time, my body has changed so much I lost a lot of energy easily. 

Pregnancy Parking

I am so thankful that my company have such thing called pregnancy parking. I have my own special parking right in front of my office's building hehe. so special. 
Thanks WD! :*

Prenatal Massage

Being someone who lovesssss massages so much and do regular massage at least once a month, I felt like my body just screamed "massage pleaseeee" the whole time. haha. *exaggerated* :P

1) Baliayu spa sanctuary, Paradigm Mall

here, the massage style is pretty much the same as any balinese/thai full body massage except that your tummy is not being massage la, of course. 

it's slightly pricey, though here. in fact, it's actually very pricey! the rate is RM179 for 90minutes massage and a foot spa.

2) Postnatal Wellness, Melaka

my husband bought this massage deal for me from Groupon for a lotttt cheaper price which was only RM49!!!

here, I experienced a different style of massage which the masseur claimed to be trained by a specialist from London, if I'm not mistaken. it's really refreshing and she really knew which body part to concentrate to relieve my tiredness etc.

also, this place offers a breast massage service that is great to stimulate the breast milk with a top up price of RM40.

the product used here is tanamera! love the smell!

Kenduri Doa Selamat 

This, was held by my in-laws. They call it lenggang perut which my husband said is a ceremony held when a pregnancy reached 7months old and they recite du'a for the thankfulness and praying for a safe delivery. there is also special food prepared like the special rice with eggs and vege (which I cannot remember the exact name) and special porridge for it. 

Hospital Booking (HUKM)

After much contemplation and considerations, I finally decided to deliver in HUKM/PPUKM. The considerations include, price, hospitality etc. 

To deliver in HUKM, I need to book a slot first. I think it's to avoid the ward to be overly crowded. Also, it is important that the doctor in HUKM to see the patient a few times before the delivery. Therefore referral letter from KKIA is needed for it. 

Antenatal Class

HUKM also hold antenatal classes. Unless u think that u have enough knowledge about pregnancy, delivery, baby, parenting etc, u don't need to go for such class. Which in my case, there is  no way that I am knowledgeable on the mentioned topics haha so I dragged Afir to come along hehe. 

This class covers almost everything you need to know especially the first timers. The lectures was given by the professors and KJ of HUKM. 

and oh yes, the fees was RM150/couple and that includes 3 times meals. Husbands are compulsory to join okay! 

Baby Shower

This was a surprise! My family included Afir's birthday celebration with us getting a baby! hehe. It was a lot of fun where we eat all we can in Holiday Inn Melaka with pretty helium balloons and took a lot of photos. hehe. Thank youuu mama adik arab and baby :*

Waiting for our prince

Alhamdulillah so far all preparations to welcome my baby is doneeee!! 
and these two are ready in my car.

1) my hospital bag
*stay tuned for a post on this*

2) and car seat/carrier for my baby.

by now, I'm in my 37th week which means my baby will be full term by end of this week and he can pop out anytime soonnnn! omg! i'm so nervous and excited at the same time. 

Please pray us.

Thanks for reading.

  1. Sweet sangat husband awak belikan pakej massage tu :D :D :D

    Kiteorang masa first pregnancy memang kelam kabut habis, tak tau nak buat ape hahahaha

  2. Tahniah kak! Sesungguhnya dikurniakan cahaya mata tu mmg saat paling indah untuk kaum ibu kan.

    Jemput la singgah ke blog killa. Ada juga tips untuk ibu2 dari mengandung ke bersalin dan lepas bersalin. Heee
    Nak cantik? Nak sihat? Ingat killa

  3. Mommy's glowing~~~ You looked so nice in all of the pictures above! Ha, since I've not yet married and far away from getting pregnant, I'm going to save this post for future references, nanti tak lah blur2 kan! Thanks babe! hehe, so excited to read your future posts!

    ieyra h. | blog


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