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I am the least particular about cleansers as I feel like all cleansers are equal and do good job; therefore I don't recommend spurlging on high-end cleansers. as long as your skin is double cleansed and sometimes gently scrubbed, it's clean! Also, it's not very good to have squeaky face unless your moisturizer is thick enough. moisture is the key to a healthy skin, remember?!

...and Neutrogena needs no more introduction! It's a very known brand for its affordable cleansers. 

It's their deep clean range! #1 rule for a happy skin 24/7 : deep clean your face! you have no idea how gross our environment is and what it does to our skin! not to mention all those makeup we're putting.. you're so gonna regret later in your life if you don't deep clean.

No matter how lazy you are, please do not skip washing your face!!! 

How to deep clean your face with Neutrogena deep clean range, in sequence! 

1) Neutrogena deep clean hydrating cleansing oil to foam
you should always double cleanse your face! even if you're not wearing make up. the oil, sebum etc needs to be attracted away with oil based cleanser. that's how you're going to get rid of all those dirt that stick to your oily face.

2) Neutrogena deep clean hydrating foaming cleanser
a foaming cleanser will then help remove those excess oil and impurities underneath the sebum. how great is it that the foaming cleanser is also hydrating?! it will avoid the skin to be squeaky and dry! 

3) Neutrogena deep clean blackhead eliminating daily scrub 
blackheads are headaches! grr! so scrubbing is going to help you to get rid of them and clean those clogged pores. so, getting huge pores can also be slowed down (because they eventually get all huge as you age -_-) !!

My favourite: Neutrogena deep clean blackhead eliminating daily scrub

I hate that sandy feeling when touching the face!! made me wanna scrub with sand paper! haha. I just need face scrub and loveeeeeeeee how this one is a daily scrub! while other scrubs are recommended to be used twice a week, this one is a very gentle yet effective enough to be used daily. cool! gotta show some love to the pores! 

Texture: there's 2 type of scrub beads in the product. there are smaller fine, sand-like beads and there are the bigger ones in peach colour which are soft. The consistency is quite thin but not very runny.

Scent: refreshing and sweet smelling. 

Pros: Really gentle on the skin. so I can gently scrub my face even when I have breakouts. It's quite effective too. Can really feel that my skin gets soft after scrubbing; not so sandy anymore! there's no soap so after rinse, the face doesn't get dry.

Cons: due to the very fine scrub beads, I need to use a lot of the product for a more thorough cleaning/scrubbing. so I might run out of this scrub faster huhu.

Happy deep clean -ing! 

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