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السلام عليكم


Today's entry is to help my pregnant friends and acquaintances (which are a lot weh hahaha, good luck btw girls!) packing their hospital bag. hehe. Those who packed can double check the checklist I have. I got you covered! hee

FYI, I only refer to one checklist that I saw and took picture of in momhousebaby shop in Shah Alam while I was shopping the essentials. I double checked the list with the input I got during antenatal class that I went to in HUKM. So, no overpack, I swear. haha. In fact, it's the perfect list to me (you can trust me on this, say someone who is so bad at packing :P) 

The only thing that you need to consider is how many days you will stay in the hospital. The quantity of the things will depend on that. For me, I estimate my stay would be at most 4 days (turned out I really stayed for 4 days! Alhamdulillah). Everything fits in this one bag (my husband's; perfume free gift). So, cool! hee

Instastory. True story. haha.
Yup. I am that person who always overthink and over worried.. so.. yeah, I packed quite early. As soon as I reached week 33rd.

The checklist 
Save this picture okay hehe

The 'Ayah' part is only needed if the daddy will be staying together with the mommy at the hospital. In my case, it is not applicable as my husband was not allowed to stay (HUKM is a semi government hospital) huhu so yeah no need. my house is only like 15minutes away from the hospital so it's okay la haha.

Also, I included dates in the 'Bakul' part (you should too) because they are really helpful in providing the energy you need! 

Hope this entry is helpful!

Thanks for being here.
Until next time.


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