New Chilli Tuna! New Hotness Levels!! New Easy Recipes for you :)

Hi All!

Ayam Brand has come out with more new products! wow!
Last month it was the Tuna Flakes and Chunks in Organic. Read my last post on it here:

Now they improved their existing Chilli Tuna with different hotness levels! Fuyo! haha.

They now come in 3 different levels:

33% reduced fat comparing to classic chilli tuna
Just a little bit less spicy than the classic

the classic spicy chilli tuna

Even more spicy!!
Spiciness level 5 out of 5!

Actually I have always been a fan of this Ayam Brand Chilli Tuna. 
In fact, I have actually posted an entry back in 2011 on my favourite Chilli Tuna Sandwich Recipe. 

Today, I have 2 more different recipes for you to try at home with the new chilli tuna! hehe. I'm just showing how I recently enjoy my chilli tuna :)

Nasi Goreng Kerabu with Tuna
(direct translated as Vegetables and Tuna Fried Rice hehe)

You will only need 4 ingredients for this fried rice.
I literally took anything left out of my fridge for this hehe.

1) Ayam Brand Chilli Tuna (I used the Fire Hot!!)

2) Leftover rice

3) Bunga Kantan (Etlingera elatior/torch ginger/ginger flower/red ginger lily/torch lily - I googled this haha) - Nasi Goreng Kerabu is incomplete without this, you cannot call it Nasi Goreng Kerabu
4) Kacang Botol (Winged bean)

Literally, stir fry everything, mix and done!! haha.

So easy, so simple and so delicious!!! XD

Just Another Cheesy Chilli Tuna Sandwich :P (I don't know how else to name it haha)
So this is another version of Chilli Tuna Sandwich. Different ingredients hehe

You will need:-
1) Ayam Brand Chilli Tuna (in Light)

2) Bread

3) Kewpie Cheesy Cheese Sandwich Spread Mayo

Mix the tuna with the mayo and spread it all over your bread! Done!

Yeayyyy so sedappppppp hehe

Try them yourself!

Thanks for reading!
Till then!

  1. Im a big fan of Tuna. The best part is its just so easy to make something delicious with it. Loved your tips too!

  2. fire hot! 5 chili signs.. oh my. Later i will get heartburn from all that spiciness

  3. I should definitely try that nasi goreng recipe! Rindu kampung's nasi goreng betul ni.

  4. Nice recipe, although i have never tasted this before neither have i ever come across it. next time i go for shopping i will definitely look for it.

  5. Woah thanks for sharing a variety of ways to have that chili tuna! I love having it as a topping on meiji biscuit hehe.

  6. I m wondering spicy level 5 ,how it taste? Superb hot..? Hotter as Korean samyang ramen?


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