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Do you like beauty boxes??

I do!! 

Especially those customed box by Althea (they have plenty variety of them!), I feel like they are the complete set of whatever you need for a specific look.

For example, this one that I get to try is The Lovely Dewy Box. Let me show you how that it is the perfect box for you to achieve the lovely dewy look!!

Basically, the lovely dewy look emphasizes about flaunting your skin that is very well hydrated / moisturized with very minimal natural looking makeup. So, if you want to achieve the lovely dewy look, I highly suggest that you follow these Althea's steps, you are not going to fail! I show you the pass case example below with me as the model of course haha.

The Day Before

I gave myself a really nice pamper to calm and moiturize the facial skin with Pure Smile Pearl Essence Mask - a really nice prep for the D-day.

It's so moisturizing that you can sleep peacefully after the 20minutes.


Start off with bare face. #Pardonmynakedface #Iwokeuplikethis #Sorrynotsorry haha.

Boost the dewy-ness from deep within with Laneige White Dew Skin Refiner essence. This is like a vitamin that ensure you get dewy-ness not just for the day, but for as long as you want!! hehe

Moisturizer is the key! I applied moisturizer that can provide the all day long moisture and also capable of even-ing out the skin with the Nakeup Skin AHA Scaling Cream.

Cover up the face flaws with a dewy finish concealer like this from Son&Park Color Cube Concealer. Use it to highlight your face too! You gotta get the light reflect precisely on the face for a better dewy look :)

I can be happy with just the dewy skin finish but my other features are not so pretty naturally hahaha so let's enhance more :P

With Tony Moly Crystal Lovely Eyes eyeshadow and eyeliner, make your eyes look more awake, sparkled and pop! My Lip Crayon No1 on the lips and just a little bit on the cheeks can make you look more healthy and sweet but still very much natural looking!!

Lovely Dewy Look is all done!!!

I finish it off with some brow and lash products (Y)

Products Review

1) Pure Smile Pearl Essence Mask

It's a sheet mask.

Essence amount
There's not very much extra essence left from the sheet mask. It's just enough for the mask, I suppose. 

I find the eye part weird. You can refer the photo when I wore it above. Are you suppose to cover you eyes when applying this? I don't know. I don't usually sleep when wearing a sheet mask.. 

I loveeeee how it doesn't leave the skin super sticky after the 20minutes. It felt very comfortable.

2) Laneige White Dew Skin Refiner

It has a very very thin consistency that is very runny - almost like water. So a little goes a long way! You don't need as much products.

Absorption rate
It's amazing how fast it's absorbed into the skin. Not much face pat needed hehe

It left my face feels so soft! Love it!!

Smells amazing! Not overly fragrant just enough to make you feel very comfortable and relaxed.

3) Nakeup Face AHA Scaling Cream

Very thick - what a good moisturizer should be to me. 

I don't know if it's just the samples I received, but it smells like an old cream - unpleasant.

It left the right amount of moisture to the skin. Made my skin feel supple and look very well moisturized! 

4) Son & Park Color Cube Concealer

I love the packaging! Very cute and sleek. It's the perfect size that for everyday travel. It hardly consume space! 

The dove tip is very convenient and made application easy. But it's slightly a little too short and I think when the product is running out, it can be hard to reach.

I love the dewy finish!! Very moisturizing! 

Buildable coverage

Long wearing
By midday I can already see it's fading -_- I don't like to touch up my makeup. grrr

5) Tony Moly Crystal Lovely Eyes

Pigmentation is good! It's not very creamy though but it's not like a typical korean makeup eyeshadows which are chalky and hard. Easy to blend.

It's a great subtle sparkle that makes your eyes pop in a natural way. 

Long wearing
So so. After the whole day, you can still see the sparkles but faded.

6) It's My Lip Crayon No 01

I love the pen like packaging. it's literally the size of a real pen. so sleek! easy to bring anywhere with me! 

The colour pay off is great!

I love this nude pink. Like a natural pink lip colour.

Long wearing
Need touch up after lunch huhu

Really matte so it has to be applied on a smooth lips.

Not hydrating in fact it's very drying on the lips. you have really moisturize your lips before applying this. 

Visit this link too see about this Lovely Dewy Box :
By the time I'm posting this entry, it's still in stock and having 62% discount!!!

Thanks for reading!!
Till next time!

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