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Recently I was introduced to health products from a brand called Lynnity. Basically Lynnity is the Manufacturer Chinese herbs health supplement!

Lynnity is the hybrid of functional food supplement derived from traditional Chinese herbs using modern technology. With more than 100 years of the traditional recipe, Lynnity dives deeper into the treasure of Chinese herbs and combined with modern taste. Lynnity (Let the Farm be your Pharmacy) believes that plant is the best way to support good health and always desire to discover the planet’s natural wealth of superfoods and share them with everyone. 

all natural and organic! All approved and safe!

Botanic Superfood for Eye Health, Body Growth, Brain Development, Energy, Immune System

This products come in sachet and it's a blend of a lot superfood such as chia seed, brown rice, oat, whey, barley, lotus seed, black sesame, red bean, almost walnut etc etc etc which come in powder form. All we need to do is to mix it with lukewarm water and consume it during breakfast.

Taste wise, it's taste almost like nothing. haha. So, what I did to enjoy this product is by mixing it with my regular healthy cereal drink. Totally boost my breakfast intake. Made me feel like a superwoman!! hehe

Highly recommended for those who are underweight and those who are always tired! 

Botanic Juice for Weight Management, Cleansing, Antioxidant Level

This product on the other hand is basically like for detoxing your body. Taste like berry; very sour. It's thick in consistency too; almost slimey. 

So what I do is to mix the 15ml with a little bit of water. Make it a more bearable to drink; at least to me because I can't stand slimey things haha. 

With ingredients like black ginger, mangosteen, kiwi, pomegranate, pineapple, spinach, celery, parsley, cucumber, lemon, passion fruit etc etc etc, the taste is sour and tini tiny bit of bitter. 

Visit their instagram @lynnityhealth for more info

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