Pak John IOI City Mall, Putrajaya | Review

This post is for Food Lovers! If you are like me; always celebrate good occasions with food, then this post is perfect for you. hehe

If you haven’t heard already, Pak John Steamboat Restaurant has opened another new outlet in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. Good news to Putrajaya people, Pak John is now much nearer! Haha. Thanks to TBP x Pak John my family and I get to try Pak John for the first time!

Located at Level G-E (the outdoor side) GE-11, as soon as I reached there, I cannot help but to notice just how many tables available outdoor! The indoor is not very spacious but it can really accommodate a lot people in total, nevertheless.

Wait till you see all the food varieties! It’s crazyyyy!! I am truly fascinated by just how many different type of food they have! Starting from the soup/broth. So many choices. Not just typical chicken soup or tom yum okay haha. Miso soup, guys?! Of course I have to choose that! Haha. Vegetables, the steamboat stuff, marinated meat, seafood is all in one side of that keep refrigerated, fresh. So do the fruits and desserts! My favourite dessert is the sumi jelly creamy cocktail (kah! I cannot remember the exact name) which basically is like a fruit cocktail with milk added jelly inside. They also have trays of food like fried rice, fried noodles etc. Don’t get me talk into how hearty they are. Frankly, to me, they are beeing too generous with their nasi goreng. You can definitely get a fishcake, chicken or even shrimp on every scoop!!

I am gonna make the photos speak more to you for themselves okay. You judge it!! Only beware of drooling or tummy making a scene haha.

Noodles of all kinds!!!

The desserts

What sauce you like? haha! so many different sauces so you never get bored.

Soups. Choose 1. Refillable okay, no extra charge hehe.

You want carbonated drink, or fruit juice, or coffee, or even Coway plain water! haha.

Ice creams with the sprinkles you'd want.

I like how they have different stations for services like abc, waffle, premium meat slices and dim sum! I was told that the premium slices only available for dinner, so if you like lamb, meat, abalone or duck, come for dinner! you're gonna love them!

Come over! I highly recommend hehe.

Thanks for reading!

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