A Fun Breakfast Time With My Baby - Strong Start with Dutch Lady PureFarm Milk

Dutch Lady is back with their breakfast challenge! I still remember the last time I joined this challenge 2 years back, my colleagues literally call me “the dutch lady” haha. What’s so good about this challenge is, it makes you really want to make your breakfast great. With the fast-paced life, you sometimes forget what you should eat for a healthier life. We only eat so we are not hungry. I believe that’s what happen to if not everyone, most of us. How we take our breakfast for granted! That includes the calcium and protein intake! Those two can actually be easily consumed through milk.

Who doesn’t know that you should eat breakfast like a king? Everyone does, but just how many of us really live by it? Kudos to Dutch Lady for their effort to encourage people to eat healthier breakfast. A motivation to lead a healthier life that starts with a healthier breakfast. It takes a little bit more of your effort; you need to wake slightly earlier, take some time to properly get your breakfast, but if that means you’re all better, why not!

I was very excited for this challenge, to be honest. The best part is my baby is excited too! Haha. He has been waking up earlier with me and was there with me to prepare breakfast. Motherhood is bliss. In a way, I made him know what should be taken for breakfast; milk! “You include milk for breakfast, then your breakfast is complete!”

For the start, Dutch Lady sent me a breakfast at the office! How thoughtful! It was Fried Mee and Milk! So yummy and and good and nutritious! hee

Then I had a wonderful day at work due to that wonderful breakfast hehe.

The final week’s theme is “Fav Brekkie” and here’s to what I think is the definition to favourite breakfasts in Malaysia!

1) Firstly, is definitely cereals and milk!

If you want to get something easy, simple, hassle free.. I will always recommend cereal and milk! I will never get bored eating them. Not just that it’s yummy, it has all the goodnesses you need to start off the day. My favourite part is finishing the leftover milk that taste like cereal! Hehe.

2) Tuna Sandwich and Milk!

My favourite on-the-go breakfast. Stuck in traffic? No worries, eat your sandwich while listening to radio hehehe. Don’t forget a glass of milk okay.


3) English Breakfast and Milk!

The fancy-looking breakfast even though it is basically just eggs and sausages haha. Look who’s getting more excited over this food haha.

4) Nasi Lemak and Milk!

.. And of course, Malaysians’ favourite breakfast of all time - Nasi Lemak!  Hehe. Excuse my version with no peanuts and cucumber. I don’t have any at home. Major love anyway!! hehe

That concludes my 5 days breakfast challenge with Dutch Lady.
I tell you what, I eat more proper breakfast these days after the challenge ends - with milk!
This challenge really worked on me haha.

Drink more milk okay everybody!
Till next time!
Thanks for reading!

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