Upside Down House Gallery (Place to visit in Melaka + Tips)

Not gonna lie, when I first heard that Melaka has this upside down house, I was super excited about it! However I didn't manage to go there because of work and stuff until last week. huhu.

  1. Location: Jalan Pm 7, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia

Basically, in case you don;t know what is this upside down house gallery, it is a gallery in which everything inside is arranged upside down i.e stucked to the ceiling. They are so cool!! they're all so pretty and arranged very nicely like a normal house. even the smallest details is taken care very well!!

this is one of the partition in there. so when you take pictures, you will have to rotate them yourself

they look just like the ordinary room!

If you're Malaysian, the admission fee is RM15 for adults and RM10 for children while if you're not, it's RM20 for adults and RM15 for children which is to be honest, I'd say it is slightly overpriced (I'm stingy like that haha) because the place is quite small. It is about two-rooms size with only 4 major partition.

Therefore, there're a few points that can be considered as tips (more like common senses that you need to bear in mind) before you go and while you're there so that your RM15 is worth it.

  1. if it's possible, avoid peak times since the place is small and  it tends to overcrowd. my family and I went there last Saturday it was kinda hard to capture without anyone else interfering our photos haha.

  2. do not wear something like skirts that can limit your poses haha. Here, you are required to pose differently than the usual trademark poses. That don't work here :P. Besides, skirts make photos look not realistic enough >_<

    poor nadh, she's wearing skirts during our ad-hoc visit hehe :P

  3. don't be shy. people are going to look at you anyway. First, because they are waiting for their turn and  second, because they want to get inspired by your poses haha. After all, everyone is there to take photos.

    my sister, baby was literally lying on the floor to get these fascinating photo haha

  4. take as many photos as you can. turn on the shutter mode on. because many people will be waiting for you, use that short time efficiently to take as many photos. we just couldn't afford the 'tak jadi' photos T_T

  5. be creative! they have sample of photos of other people on the wall that you can get inspired with!

  6. make use of every details of the room



Until next time :)

  1. eh eh.. bestnya... tak yah g sabah.. kat melaka pun ada.. ^_^

  2. Heard about this house but it wasn't there when I visited Malacca before. I like your tips on why skirts is not appropriate. Shall definitely not wear when I have to take pictures.

  3. kreatifnya! suka pulak tengok gambar2 ni! teringin nak pegi sini :D

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA pening, at first mcm tak faham. rupanya kita upside kan gambar la kan wakakaka

  5. ni..baru tau ada kt melaka !

  6. paling menarik yang atas almari pink... =)

  7. selalu pergi MP tak pernah pulak terfikir nak pergi Upside Down house ni. Hehe ;P tapi macam tak pernah perasan pulak, nearby Seri Costa Hotel kan? >_<

  8. great blog, very funny post, the pictures are nice
    lets follow each other! just let me know and I will follow back :)


  9. wowwwww.. nice pics la sis. dpt tahu fasal ni pun sebab ade mmber pegi sana ritu... ni dah kali 3 baca org lain punya review.. ade kesempatan nanti.. mesti nak pegi.. waktu tak ramai orang.. hahah

  10. Paling malu kalau orang dok tengok kita masa ambik gambar T_T

    Tak pernah datang sana. Teringin rasanya.

    Btw, semua gambar nampak comel !! Jelesss. =D

  11. Thank you for all the tips sis, really useful & most of the tips, never thought of it. Never been there before, but surely will use all the tips given here once we hv the chance to go there or anywhere similar :)

  12. gosh.... it definitely looks like whole lot of fun!!

  13. pening pulak tengok gambar terbalik2 ni. haha!
    first time dengar upside down house di melaka.kalau kat sabah tu tahu lah..

  14. serius rasa pening. tp cool lah gmbr


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