Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid Review

If you love putting on makeup, you gotta love to remove them too! You must take care of your skin! Skin comes first, makeup comes second! hehe. 

If you are very very lazy at removing makeup, I have a solution that I would love to recommend to you! (because sometimes I am lazy too! hee).

hands down. this is by far the best makeup remover or cleansing oil I have ever used! 
This is my 2nd bottle (and less than half of the bottle left!) and I'm still loving it to bits!!

If I am to describe how it feels like, it's thinner than oil but much thicker than water but still is oil-like. They call it as water-based liquid.

It is very gentle to the skin and removes EVERYTHING! Even the most stubborn mascara! No more precious eye lashes come off! When I first try this, I thought it will leave my skin oily (maybe at least just a little bit) but I was so wrong! I just rinsed about 3-4 times and it's not oily at all. nada. nothing. the after-rinsing feeling is just like a milk cleanser; soft and smooth and even moisturized!

Just two pumps are enough to clean your entire face (full face makeup).

The liquid will help melt all the makeup in no time and leave the skin without any residue after rinsing. This will not take much time. It takes less time than makeup wipes, I promise!

If you wear heavy dark makeup, you're gonna look like a zombie while massaging the liquid all over the face hehehehe. do not worry. just for a short time! you will then get with a very clean skin! >_<
My tips is to rinse gradually. not all at once. the liquid will turn chalky/milky then it will dissolve all the makeup better.

I always use this to double cleanse.

There are only two things that I don't really like about this product is that (1) It sometimes sting my eyes and (2) It's bitter! haha. sometimes I can taste it while cleaning my lips. >_<. 

Overall rating: EXCELLENT! 4.75/5! Highly recommended.

Unfortunately, they say this product has been discontinued officially last 11th January 2014 when they replaced it by 'Biore Moisture Cleansing Liquid' which is said to be a better product but we can still find this a lot in most drugstores in Malaysia. Nevertheless, I'm so excited to try the new one 'cause I'm expecting a better version of this product!!

Thanks for reading!
Untill next time <3
  1. Just knew oil cleanser ni dah discontinue. ;o Biore Moisture Cleansing Liquid has the same packaging as this kan? or I could be wrong. >_<

    xx ieyra

    1. no it's differrent packaging. lagi cantik hehe. peachy sket if i'm not mistaken


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