All About Double Cleanse (5W1H)

Assalamualaikum everyoneee! Hello!

Happy Sundayyy! Today, I feel like a mum who are going to nag on those who don't double cleanse hahaha.

I am no beauty expert but I have been to beauty centers since I was 15 so I'm quite familiar with this 'double cleanse' term and I have been practicing it since then. No, I don't have the most flawless skin but I know for sure that if I didn't start doing this back in the days, my skin is a lot worse than it is now haha.

I used to think that everybody does this until I came across people who don't! Hence this post. to me, double cleanse is very important.

Even if you are not a makeup wearer aka the so-called "au naturel", your skin is constantly produces the sebum on the surface and it attracts atmospheric pollutants and dirt like a magnet! You think you face is clean because you don't have any makeup on?? Think again.

On daily basis, we need to cleanse face twice:
  • a light cleansing in the morning and
  • a more thorough double-cleanse in the evening. 

If you sleep with no-so-clean skin, you're gonna get breakouts! Wonder why pimples disturb you even not during that time of the month?? This is the reason.

Googled Image.

The name double cleanse itself is self-explanatory. It includes these 2 steps:

1) using oil based cleanser. These cleansers are available as oils, creams, gels, or milks. My favourite is this Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid (click here to read my review) . It is used to dissolve all the oil-based substances such as excess sebum and makeup. oil attracts oil, you know.. that's how you can remove those oil. Massage it all over your dry face, then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

2) using facial soap or wash. This time, it's to purify the skin, washes away other water-based substances; thoroughly clean your face. This type of cleanser is usually more foam-y (that's how you can easily differ it with an oil based cleanser).

Stress and hormones are the two major reasons why we get acne/pimples. We don't want our personal hygiene to add to the contributing factors! Start double cleanse now if you don't. It is definitely the essential step for beautiful skin!

Thanks for reading!

  1. I strongly believe in cleansing oil. At my age its the best not to strip my natural oil and moisture. Going to bed without cleansing my face is also a big no.


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