DIY Gift Trays / Hantaran

Assalamualaikum and hii everyone!

So.. urmm.. I'm getting married in less than 2 months!! OMG!! I'm getting cold feets! haha. and I haven't really update about my engagement story in my blog! I've been so occupied T_T. 

to my non-malay friends, hee, if you're wondering.. Gifts on tray / 'hantaran' are what we, malay, would prepare for a ceremony (engagement and wedding). During the ceremony, both sides (bride and groom) would exchange the gifts. Usually, for engagement, the gifts are consists of food and attire for your wedding day. well, actually, that depends on your budget! :P if you're rich, you can even include an iphone if you want haha >_<

Me? I'm definitely on the tight-budget side. haha. I aimed to save any costs as much as I could. That explained why the 'nikah' (solemnization) attire for my fiance was even divided into 3 different trays. kekeke. The number of trays also varies accordingly to personal preference. my family and afir's family decided to go with  5 to 7.

The gifts would usually be nicely prepared, decorated all pretty on trays. One tray for each gift hehe. Well, to be quite honest, it's not very important, though. not compulsory. But people pay quite attention to it, at least I do. hehehehe

Let's check out minee!!

photo credit: Fara Pictures

1) satin fabric for Baju Melayu in nude from Gulati's

2) 'samping' in gold from Gulati's

3) 'songkok' from Bee Loon :P

4) chocolate 

5) brownies by Laila Hafni ( Ig: @hafnirusdi_ibake4u )

6) cake by Al-Azhim Bakery

7) 'sirih junjung' by Cikgu Fiza, mama's friend (Y) :D

There are two stories behind all these decorated gift trays:

1) I wanted to buy custom made gift tray. ermm.. the price.. definitely over my budget! sobs. but they say I can use it again for my wedding ceremony. true. however, I wouldn't want to have the same designed trays! boring, right? haha.  besides, of course the theme colours of my engagement amd wedding ceremony are different. that would cause problem. hmmmm..

2) then, I wanted to just rent all-decorated gift trays. but when I asked about the price for each tray, it was more than half the price of the tray that's sold! Imagine, at the end of the day, you would have to return the tray! and that's only for one event (engagement ceremony only). -___-

You would have guessed the ending. hehe. I diy-ed. :D

I was happy with how they turned out! (Y)

Simplicity is the key! 

Special thanks to mama adik, arab and baby for helping me out! I always needed all kinds of help hehe. Oh! and to mama's friends for the finishing touches! 

perhaps, this post would be helpful to my friends and juniors who are getting engaged and married this year! which I know are a lottttt! is it the getting-married season?? ahhahaha

p/s: more of my engagement story comingggg! if you're interested, stay tuned! :D

Thanks for reading!
Until next time! :-*

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