FRATBOY Shadow / Blush by The Balm : Review

I've been using FRATBOY Shadow / Blush by The Balm for 3 months now and hands down - this is my by far is my favourite powder blush! you have no idea how much I've been reaching this blusher haha thus this review

fyi: all photos are with #nofilter

Of course, the first thing that caught my attention is the packaging. I'm still on of those people who got easily deceived by the appearance >_< This about-palm-size blush comes in this sturdy cardboard-like compact with the very cool vintage-looking printing. it has mirror inside too! not the typical low quality mirror, this is a good one of a good size too hehe. p/s: the "so many men, so little time..." quote inside really cracks me up. haha.

 this Matte peachy pink with warm undertone shade is a very beautiful colour. It's a great everyday shade that can suit every skin tone from pale to tan. this shade can give just the right flush to your cheeks. I seldom wear it as an eyeshadow but it's a great transition colour!

it's amazingly pigmented and is very easy to apply too since the the brush can pick up the colour easily straight from the pan.a little goes a long way. If I wanted to get a very subtle flush on the cheeks, I literally just swiped the blush brush onto the pan once! and the greatest thing is that it is very long wearing! thumbs up to the ability to survive all the oil and sweat hahaha (Y) (Y)

 I love the texture! It's very smooth and fine. It's not too chalky or powdery.

I think this product has almost no scent but I could smell a little bit hint of citrus-y which is great!

    [RM74][SASA Outlets]

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    1. Never heard of the brand but I like the natural shade.

      1. This brand is quite new in Malaysia but it's actually a famous product in UK

    2. Blh belikn utk isteriku.. Hihihi

    3. YAY! Glad you like this blush. Frat boy is by far my most favourite blush in my collection. Nars Orgasm kinda beat it, but I've yet to own that. So.. hehe. Lepas ni nak try TheBalm Hot Mama pulak. :D

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