Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream Review

When was the last time I put up a beauty related post? omg! just what kind of beauty blogger am I? haha. I have just so much of beauty related drafts but for some reason, I just can't finish them. T_T

today is an exception.

I will put my focus towards this post and finish it like a pro (not sure if I can though huhu). I'll try okay! haha. feel like I just owe my blog this one.

I have been asked so many times regarding the CC cream. Honestly, I am not really experienced with this CC stuff. Other than this Bourjois CC cream, I have only owned Revlon CC Cream but I have tried / swatches a few other brands. NONE of them can beat this CC cream, I promise!! I've been using this cream for about 3 months and I'm very satisfied with it.

CC Cream stands for Colour Correcting Cream. Because I am more familiar with the Korean alphabetic cream which gives dewy finish, the slightly matte finish but with enough hydration to the skin the cream provides is the bomb dot com. it's just like setting the skin. below shows the difference it makes to my skin after a light application:-

lightweight cream. feels like skin.

it's easy to blend into skin too; the texture is quite runny but not so thin. fingers make up? no problem!

it does best at correcting and even out my skin tone. 

formulated with 3 different pigments in the cream which are Apricot for anti-fatigue, Green for anti-redness and white for anti-dark spots. I can really see the outcome at instance with light-medium coverage.

smells just like typical cream, with SPF15 and last all day !

This hasn't come to the best part of it yet(!) you know that time of the month when you feel all lazy and don't want to put any makeup on or not even your skincares? this CC cream is just the life saviour! despite feeling super lazy, you wouldn't want to look all ugly, do you? haha. So, achieve the no make up look with just this. It doesn't cause breakouts even without skincares base. it's like moisturizer, sunblock and matte foundation in one product. 

All you need to do is to choose the right shade for your skin. available at Watsons.

p/s: if you like dewy water shine finish, it can also be achieved with this but make sure your skin is thoroughly   moisturized i.e put more moisturizer before applying or you can simply mix this cc cream with a little bit moisturizer :)

Thanks for readinggg!


  1. Sounds promising!! I stumbled onto this one dekat Watsons but I couldn't find as much reviews on it as the famous healthy mix foundation. Ok, tak sabar nak try yang ni! ;D

    - ieyra

  2. i love this CC cream so much! it doesnt help with oiliness (hadoi) but in all other aspects, it is the best i ever tried ^_^ been using it every day and i swear this is the magical tube that i will finish fastest, hehe

  3. Sounds awesome...... should try it out.. I guess.. heheh

  4. Hi Najlaa,

    I wonder how the range of shades is like fot his cc cream? I think with your skin tone it's not all that hard for you to find a great match but for someone like me, who has this warm medium tan skin like I don't even know how to describe it, it's pretty hard to find the perfect colour when it comes to products in pharmacies. Super annoying, but, you know, we live... I might just have to pop into the nearest Watsons that stocks Bourjois and see for myself!

  5. Hey Najlaa! Can I know the shade that you used please. Thank you!!

    1. can't remember the exact shade name but it's the lightest colour they have, dear :)


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