Pau (Baozi) Innovation ! - Colourful Rose Pau

Good Morninggggggg!! Assalamualaikum!

Hiii! Omg it's been awhille since I last updated my blog T_T
Truly sorry for that. I've been super busy with my schedule past few weeks! ohmyyy it was crazy! It's good now that I have more free time for myself and my other responsibilities like my fyp and my blog for instances! hahaha but I kinda miss my hectic routine actually if you know what I mean. huuu. Lets keep that story for now because I plan to put them all in a later post, so.. yeahh. :P

Well, I'm currently enjoying my mid semester break! though it's just a week break, I'm just so happy to be able to be home. I haven't been home for like..a month..hehe.. that's a long time for me! 

I arrived home Friday night and the next morninggg mama served us this:- 

yeah. this is all what I'm going to share about today. please forgive such lengthy intro hahaha. 

To be honest, I don't know what pau is called in english until I google-d it and found baozi in wikipedia (click here to read). In Malaysia, pau is typically has sweet red bean paste filling in it so that's what I'm referring it to :)

they are the colorful roses pau! I don't know if you guys have seen or even tried these before but it was my first time hence this post! >_<

Aren't they so cool? I think they are cool innovations. I mean, pau don't come in just the boring white bun anymore! They're pretty enough to be given as door gifts or to be served in a party! I'm just so impressed with this idea because I have never think of this ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

just like how pau should be, fluffy! always the best colour combo; pink + blue ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’™

I believe these are not the only options of colours available I don't know where exactly can you get them since my mum bought them at her school. So, perhaps, if you're interested, you can contact my mum to order. haha.

That's all for todayy!
Until next time!

  1. wahhh. macam bunga rose. the colour so attractive la. :)

  2. omnomnom... boleh jugak eh pau wat cm tu

  3. menariknya warna pau tu! tiba2 perut ni dah berkeriuk-keriuk..hahaha


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