HORIEN Eye Secret Grand Launch

Where do you usually buy your contact lenses? How good and comfortable are your contact lenses? Do you have any concern when you buy contact lenses? Fret no more everbodyyy, HORIEN is here! Their contact lenses offer extraordinary comfort and reliability !

Horien Optic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia-based company with its primary business is to import and distribution of contact lenses and lens care products under the brand named Eye Secret, which is manufactured by Yung Sheng Optical Co. Ltd. in Taiwan. Their major business is manufacturing and sales of soft contact lens and lens care product. 

Just look at the cerfiticates they get! :-

  • US FDA (510)k 
  • European CE 
  • Japan's FMA (Foreign Manufacturer Accreditation) 
  • Taiwan Excellent Awards 
  • Certificate of Comformity for good distribution practice for medical devices (GDPMD) 

woaah. they sure are impressive! 

I believe this brand will be well known in no time (Y) (Y)

Last week, I was invited to their grand launch held in 1 Utama!!

Event launched by YB Datuk M Saravanan's representative.

Deadly gorgeous Ms Yumi Wong, ambassador of HORIEN Eye Secret sign ceremony.

Dance performance from Elecoldxhot.

Products exhibition.

Eye check up and optometry guide.


food.. etc etc

Below are the pamphlet I get while I was there and I thought they are great, informative and useful and I'd love to share with you guys!

Like Horien Eye Secret on facebook and visit http://eyesecret.com.my/ for more details about the brand, the products and stores location. It's available at various optical shops in Selangor, KL, Johor, Penang, Perak, Kedah, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka. 

Below is product list that this brand has to offer:

Eye Secret 55% Soft Contact Lenses 
Eye Secret 38% Soft Contact Lenses 
Color Lens 
Eye Secret Fresh Solution 
Eye Secret Multi-Purpose Solution 
Eye Secret Lubricating and Rewetting Drop 

Horien was so sweet to gave me several great stuff during the event. At first I thought I want to make today's entry to be super longggg with the event story and reviews in one entry but I still have few products given I have yet to try. So, I'll just do them separately. Look forward to it okay! :D 

Plus, look at what came to mail few days ago! They sent more contact lenses!!

p/s: Million thanks to The Butterfly Project - Beauty Blogger for the invitation. I can't be more thankful!! XOXO

Till then!
  1. Colored lens is nice as a fashion statement for functions. Other than that, I prefer to wear glasses. Never heard of this local brand, But sure, when I need the colored ones,will try this brand.

  2. boo hoo ... sob... I missed out on this... I would have loved to have some extra contact lenses especially coloured ones.... huhuhu

  3. Aww. Bestnya you pergi. I nak join event dah susah sikite sekarang :(

  4. bestnya dpt pegi event mcm ni kann..


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