Cool Tents in Paradise Valley, Broga

Do you know near the famous Broga Hills, exist this place called Paradise Valley? Honestly, I didn't. T_T

About last two weeks, I went there for a leadership camp organized for Western Digital trainees. No, I'm not going to say anything about the camp, it's just I discovered these cool tents which I believe deserved an entry heeee

all the tents are pre set up

look inside! there are 2 beds with a fan!

When I first saw the tents I was like, "sempit! (cramped)" . Until I went in, I can stand straight (I am 165cm btw) and it is actually quite cozy for a tent.

Cool, right?!

It's even more cozy without the beds (which was our case) ! haha. As much as we like the beds, we weren't provided with that. I guess the HR want us to experience a real camping :P hehe. We were only given a mat with a sleeping bag. Fan? We don't need one because it's already very chilly >_<

luxury room..I wish.. haha

This place is cool. I would highly recommend if you want to organize a camp or family day or anything like it! Besides going hiking, this place offer many other activities like flying fox, abseiling, wall climbing etc etc. 

Well, speaking about hiking, from this Paradise Valley we can hike using the private trail, not the trail where people always use. Because it was my first time hiking, I cant't even compare haha but I guess private trail is better because there are less people. there were a few tour guides ( Paradise Valley workers) went up with us last time.


Enjoy! >_<

That's all for now.
Thanks for reading!
Until next time :)

  1. selamat malam..syira dtg nak doakan tuan blog murah rezeki :))

  2. wah bestnya! the first and the last time i went to broga was last year for a volunteer camp. the place i stayed was just the normal hostel and banyak gila nyamuk i cannot >.< my master's class is planning for a trip to broga i hope i can recommend this place to them, if they wanna stay ^_^ thanks for sharing najlaa!

  3. Never been to this place but I see that its worth the time for relaxation.

  4. its damn cool and pretty awesome!! WOW!


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